ColossalCon 8 Live Blog – Crack Anime

So I just spent the last hour in the game room solving Steve’s Rubik’s Cube and playing Guilty Gear AC on PS2 except that the controller was really bad.

The current panel is just listing off really odd anime – I’m assuming shows where the people who created it were on crack. People just raise their hands and try to name shows that are crazy. According to the speaker, it’s anime that you can inject and get the same effect as seeing it. Apparently there was a short presentation at the beginning, but I got in about halfway through so it was just naming off anime that falls into that category.

I can’t see the first few listings:

  1. Excel Saga
  2. Bobobobobobobobo
  3. FLCL
  4. Can’t see
  5. Can’t see
  6. Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi
  7. Haruhi Summumiya
  8. Mushroom Samba of Cowboy Bebop
  9. Can’t see
  10. Can’t see
  11. Can’t see
  12. Axis Powers Hetalia
  13. Serial Experiments Lain
  14. Eva
  15. Milk-chan
  16. Puni Papa Dash
  17. Dorkoro-chan
  18. Shin-chan
  19. Magical Play
  20. Ghost Stories
  21. Hamtaro
  22. Ninja Nonsense
  23. Cromarti High School
  24. Paranoia Agent
  25. Dead Leaves
  26. Daikan Brothers
  27. Hare+Guu
  28. Mermaid Melody
  29. Fighting Foodons
  30. Moetan
  31. Duel Masters – for being a parady series
  32. Samurai Pizza Cats
  33. Pawua Island
  34. Arjuna

Right now the most disturbing thing about this panel is that there is the little girl sitting in the back who is cosplaying as the liutenant of Kenpachi. Overall this panel was kind of disappointing since all it was is compiling a list of weird anime. I mean why would you watch any of these anyways? Most of them are not that well known. The end of the panel was just the host advertising for his other panels.

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