ColossalCon 8 Live Blog – Diagnosis: Anime

This panel involved the speaker sitting at the front with a microphone. She asks for people in the audience who have “anime problems” – basically people who want some recommendations for anime.

When I got in one of the audience members that got up front remarked “I like violence.”

Some of the recommendations involved Akira, Elfen Lied. The person who got up front said that she didn’t want any of the ninjutsu type violence but just wanted a lot of blood and stuff. The speaker talked about Fate/Stay Night and how she loved the game but didn’t like how after the first 14 episodes of the anime they combine all three storylines of the game and it just messes up the latter part of the story.

Next person’s anime problem is that she wanted genre mixing with romance and action. Fushigi Ugi and Ayashi no Ceres are some of the one that the speaker recommends and says that once the main characters get introduced in the first few episodes it then gets better and there is less shoujo and more action.

The next person wanted something that can be interesting. He read Naruto and Bleach but lost interest. Based on the fact that he also liked Black Jack, the speaker gave recommendations such as Galaxy Express and Captain Harlock. More recent ones would be Black Lagoon and Ergo Proxy.

This panel was basically just a series of recommendations for which anime to watch in which she gives a brief synopsis of some of the recommendations. Overall the speaker knows quite a wide range and is able to address a variety of genres. This gives me an idea that there should be a site kind of like where they can give really good suggestions based on “similar artists” except that in this case it would be “similar anime” or “similar manga,” etc.

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