ColossalCon 8 Live Blog – So You Wanna be a Mecha Pilot?

It turns out this was not really an information session or anything but more of a questionnaire where you answer questions to earn points. Your final

1st Question:
How do you feel about taking another human’s life?

A. It is morally wrong

B. don’t really remember

C. I will do what I’m ordered to do.

D. Depends on if it’s for the good of the universe.

D is awarded 5 points, C is 3 points, others are none

2nd Question:
Would you put the good of your comrades above the good of the mission? (Yes or no)

Yes (for comrades) is 10 points, otherwise no points.

3rd Question:
How important is it for other people to not know

A. Secrecy above all else

B. It is important for the public to not know who I am

C. As long as i feel i can trust them

D. Hey I’m in it for the fame

A is 5, B is 10, all else is 0

4th Question:
Who knows 5 mecha (each series is one, i.e. Gundam is considered 1)

Gundam, Robotech, Macross, Voltron, Nadeisco, Big O, Getter Robo, Zoids, Mazinger Z, Full Metal Panic, Rahxephon, Gravion

Naming 5 will get you the full 10 points. Max point total at this point is 50 points. At this stage everyone who has less than 10 points automatically fails and cannot move on.


The next section involved weapons. They pulled out some Nerf weapons and explained that accuracy will be involved in this challenge. You need to get up to at least 40 points by the end of this round to advance.

A large Nerf rocket was used to try and hit a remote control car.

At this point I’m kind of losing interest so I think I might just head over to LAMMO and then back to the and prepare some of the stuff for curry tonight since I want to attend things between 5-7 PM.

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