ColossalCon 8 Live Blog – Behind the Bebop: Edward

The speaker is the voice actor for Edward from Cowboy Bebop, Melissa Fahn. She comes from a background of Jazz musicians so she appreciates the music.

She liked doing the voice for Edward but she was alone in the studio. When she was doing original animation there is usually everyone together for recording the voices.

What’s the take on being such a lighthearted character on such a serious show?

It was interesting because I only recorded her scenes by herself so at first I didn’t really know what was going on except that it was just a goofy little girl who’s hacking. Once I saw the show it was interesting to see Ed and how she balances the deepness of the show.

Did you ever get to meet the rest of the cast?

Not ever in the studio. I knew some of them before from the anime circles. I never met Beau before.

Which is closest to your actual personality Gaz or Ed?

Probably Ed but Gaz is also part of me. Gaz was so cool because she could stand up for herself which is something she never did with 3 older brothers. This allowed me to channel it all through Gaz, but Ed was just goofy and funny.

What are some of your current projects and future works?

Currently working on Blue Dragon where I play bouquet. I’m also working on a video game with a gunslinging girl with a girl named Rosita. I can’t divulge anymore than that. I’m working on a movie called Blaze of Glory where I played Princess Hippodemia but it’s now called the Torch of Olympus. I also sings a lot and auditions for regular voice over for animation.

When did you realize that Cowboy Bebop was big?

When it first started airing on Adult Swim. I didn’t really hear buzz about it until after they were done.

As a voice actor you have to take a lot of the character’s personality traits. Which character did you have the most difficulty relating to?

Probably when I have to play a boy. Having to dig deep inside like for Rika on Digimon but it’s hard for someone who’s happy and optimistic.

What was your favorite episode?

I really loved the scene in the movie with the Jack-O-Lanterns. Coming up with the sing-songy stuff was also really great.

Ed has very unique physicality. Did you do that yourself?

Yes. I take on the character. There’s not really anyone watching you except for the director. I come from a dance/theatre background so I’m already very physical and it’s great. It’s liberating to let it out in the booth and if it brings something more to the character then all the better.

What was your first reaction when you saw Mushroom Samba?

I thought it was great. I loved it. It was awesome. Each episode is individual but there’s a great cohesiveness.

What’s your favorite Ed mannerism?

When she’s hunched over the computer and is distorting her body or rolling on the floor.

Is there any particular studio you would like to work for (for games)?

I don’t really know. I go where I’m called. I don’t always audition and sometimes I just get called. The recording sessions are greuling and sometimes seems like Groundhog Day because so much stuff has to be repeated for each differnt scenario.

How did you get involved in the voice over industry?

I have always been acting and performing since a kid. I took a part time job was for a commercial post production house which would do the editing on commercials. Voice over casting people would come over all the time to drop off some voice talent. I was the receptionist and was asked whether I did voice overs. She had recently just gotten an audition but they didn’t believe me because of my voice. I was asked to tape myself reading something so went to audition for the new voice of something and it went really well. I went to the callback and got to meet Max Fleicher’s son and said that I reminded him of the original voice of Betty Boop. I did toys, dolls, pop-up toaster, and other things. That’s how I got my start, I got a great agent and it was a great break for me. Then I started doing anime a few years after that when it was still beats in the headphone to denote when to speak.

Do you watch the shows that you voice for?

A lot of times I don’t even watch TV so I don’t have a lot of time to watch the anime that I voiced for. I have watched all of Cowboy Bebop and Invader Zim. I need to get the soundtracks. Sometimes I forget I’ve worked on a particular show.

Who do you like working with?

Michelle, Yuri Rosenthal, Brian Beacock, Jeff Nimoy

Do you remember any of Ed’s songs?

Exploration, exploration! Where aaarrreeee you? Are you here little spooky face creature? Edward wants choco-lata! It’s hard for me to remember some of the lines since they have like one minute to memorize the lines and then perform them, and then it’s on to the next.

It’s 10 minutes before the cosplay event starts so I’m going to head over to that so I can get decent seats. I did manage to get an autographed picture so that was pretty cool.

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