ColossalCon 8 Live Blog – Cosplay on a Budget

So I missed most of this but the speaker was the same as the one for Diagnosis: Anime.

For synthetic wigs you should actually get a wig brush, which can be bought at any hair supply store (not salon). Wigs should be brushed from the bottom first to avoid pulling out the hairs. The wigs can be washed. NEVER take a curling iron to a synthetic wig to prevent damage. You can use a fabric steamer to hold it in place and have it hold.

Another big tip is to know where the thrift stores are. Some of the thrift stores will be run by charities and wealthy people will donate to them. Some of the things may be in perfect condition so thrift stores are very useful to getting things for just a fraction of the orginal cost. The charity ones will often not be as well known so check the yellow pages. She says that it’s possible to get a 3 piece suit for like $10 or a wedding dress for $20 (which retailed for ~$200).

Some cosplay is more of a minimalist look. School uniforms for girls, but does not have to be elaborate like fuku. For guys Tenchi or some other characters which are easy to recognize but easy to do. Emo characters are also easily recognizable.

Interpretive cosplay. Know what looks good for you but if you cannot make it the exact way like the character then you may have to alter the look a bit to have it fit for you. This includes extending the length of a skirt.

If you look good for you then you will look more like the character.

There are also alternative cosplays where the character is completely altered. The speaker thinks that there is a place for those, but they can be really tricky. Just making all the characters emo does not make a good cosplay and usually does not usually go over well with judges in competitions.

One of the things she did for a friend is take the Yuna songstress dress in red and then put a McDonald’s hat on. Another one is taking a walker and labeling it as “Imperial Walker.” Don’t simply try to blend characters you like together, but putting a spin on a character can be really good. You can also do something that is believable for the character but was outside the scope of the show/game. Good puns are sometimes also appreciated, but alternative cosplays tread a fine line.

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