ColossalCon 8 Live Blog – Manga as High Art

This panel was run by the guy who did the trope panel from earlier today.

I got in about halfway through because I was talking to Chris Ilse about conventions. By the time I got in the discussion was on manga vs. American comics. One of the things about manga is that they do a lot of different things and try to bring fresh ideas. American comics will often use the same characters such as Spider Man in which artist aspire to draw many of these well known characters. The Japanese manga artists aspire to make it big by making their own series and not just working on something that’s already there.

I sat in for about 10 minutes but quickly lost interest because it got kind of far off track.

As I’m typing this he seemed to be realizing that it’s getting into just the audience debating some certain points but has turned the discussion around. One of the ways to defend against people who ask why you are still reading “comics” is that manga often addresses more mature issues. Some older manga such as Vanguard may have just enough validity as Beowulf.

One of the audience members said that Kyo during the video game panel yesterday remarked that he learned to read by playing video games. I kind of want to check out the end of AMV Wars so I’m going to head over to that.

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