ColossalCon 8 Live Blog – Toonami: A History

4:00 PM

I was kind of hoping to stop by the “Guy or Girl” panel for a little bit but it ended up being really full so they didn’t let anyone else in. I’m currently sitting and waiting for the Toonami panel to start.

While he was waiting for him computer to load up he asked a few questions such as what the name of the first host was or what the original lineup was. For anyone who is curious, the lineups are listed on the Toonami Wiki page.

He started with the intros from each of the days of the week. The speaker said that he got all of the video clips from old VHS tapes.

4:12 PM

There’s some technical issues going on right now – the video plays but he can’t get the audio to work. It’s not just the video file since he is trying to play a music file in Winamp and that’s not working either.

4:15 PM

The issue is resolved after plugging in another cable. Hmmm…..

4:19 PM

I’m not quite sure what I was expecting from this panel, but it’s nice going through a lot of the intros for Toonami. There are quite a few different intros since we’ve already gone through 6 for 1998.

4:21 PM

Lots of clapping for Super Friends and Dragonball. Johnny Quest is getting some cheers as well.

They created their own mixes for a lot of intros, except for Johnny Quest which was awesome already.

4:22 PM

They set the days of the week with a different intro every day. This started in 1999.

4:26 PM

There was large amount of cheering for ReBoot and the Thundercats there is a clip of some humping between two characters. The original host was Moltar which was from Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

4:29 PM

We’re now watching the intro for the Powerpuff Girls and some people are singing along and clapping at the end.

4:31 PM

Watching the Sailor Moon Toonami introduction. The speaker says “I was way into that show.”

4:34 PM

Tundercat intro. Thundercaaaats HO!

4:35 PM

Lost Milk of Arabia commercial. Just because it was funny.

4:36 PM

TOM is shown and there is general rejoicing. This is actually when I started watching Toonami so I totally remember all this. The ship Absolution and everything. I thought the animation was so polished back then. The room is completely packed at this point and there’s probably 20 people standing in the back.

4:37 PM

There is currently talk about putting this on in the Pavilion later, but for now he just put all the clips on shuffle.

4:40 PM

Teamwork Toonami clip. Super Friends, Dragonball, Johnny Quest, and Sailor Moon.

4:42 PM

The original TOM, version 1 which is a small one.

4:44 PM

Apparently the pick your race person in WOW is the same as the voice actor for Megabyte from ReBoot.

4:45 PM

Dragonball Z intro with Frieza.

4:46 PM

Another Powerpuff Girls intro.

4:46 PM

Tenchi Muyo intro.

4:48 PM

Moltar introduces Sailor Moon with “17 new episodes never before seen on our shores.”

4:49 PM

Endless Waltz and Blue Sub No. 6 intro. There’s some Outlaw Star, Gundam Wing and Dragonball Z is also seen.

4:51 PM

He’s skipping along through numerous DBZ in order to show some of the other shows.

4:53 PM

Currently showing the Tenchi Muyo intro.

4:54 PM

Midnight Run with Voltron, Sailor Moon, and various other shows.

4:54 PM

Hamtaro intro.

4:54 PM

Char makes an appearance for a movie on March 6 2000.

4:55 PM

Ronin Warriors gets lots of requests and when it’s finally shown lots of people cheer for it.

4:56 PM

Big O and Outlaw Start are getting requests as well. Big O intro is being shown first. Someone in the audience shouts “It had the worst ending!”

4:57 PM

Cardcaptor Sakura intro – lots of girls cheer. I don’t think I ever watched that show.

4:58 PM

.hack//sign introduction with a large amount of cheering.

4:58 PM

Zoids: Chaotic Century Introduction.

4:58 PM

Outlaw Star introduction. I really liked this show but could never catch it all on Toonami so I remember I had to download it.

It’s 5:00 so the panel just ended. This was a really good panel since it brought back lots of good memories.

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  1. I was at that panel! It was really nostalgic, and a lot of fun. I was one of the people who requested Outlaw Star. 😛

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