ColossalCon 8 Live Blog – Why Guys Like Mecha

One of the panel speakers was Kelsey and I don’t really know the other girl.

This panel is not to be taken seriously and is to be funny. They start out with a picture from google of “bad mecha cosplay.”

What is mecha or mech? It is anything that is walking vehicles or machinery that can be controlled by a pilot. Used for fighting, racing, and many other things.

Scientific evidence is boys and girls are socialized differently as children. Cultivation Theory – the more you are exposed to a certain stimulus the more likely you will internalize it.

The bicycle experiment – an experiment in which guys and girls were asked to draw bicycles. With girls it’s more simplistic and with guys there is more emphasis on the mechanics and the components involved.

A guy’s point of view of why guys like mecha – males were polled for various reasons

  • “Because it’s cool.”
  • Like the technology aspect
  • many sub-genres
  • fast paced/lots of action
  • feel in control and powerful
  • concepts slightly realistic and possible in future


  • Character Ratio Unbalanced
  • Pompous Plot Problems – they will give a large amount of information in the beginning and then there is no real plot
  • Hero Always “Attractive” Guy
  • Limited Female Roles

The next section is a Mecha Fan-Boy Safari in which they went to take pictures of mecha fanboys in their natural environment. The first image is of someone playing Wii with a Kisuke Urahara hat. Using their highly skilled probe devices (a broom) there is an image of them poking the kid in the face. The handshake did not really work but he did respond to the Wii controller. The best way to interact was total immersion.

The rest of the time is left to questions. It was a fun little 30 minute break. It seemed like some of the guys sitting in on the panel were taking it a bit more seriously and were giving a lot of information that the presenters were missing.

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