ColossalCon 8 Live Blog – Post Cosplay Events

After the cosplay Steve, Jon, Emily and I headed over to the game room since they were going to have a Guilty Gear tournament. I figured I would try as well. It didn’t start until 11 PM but once it started it was over within half an hour since there was only 10 people competing. I lost my first match but Steve ended up winning the whole thing and getting a $10 gift certificate to GameStop.

I then headed over to the rave to check it out and saw Erin. There was only really one main group of people dancing so we went over to watch that. None of them really had that many good moves, a few people had some good acrobatics, there was one girl with poi, and then there was the guy on guy grinding. When it got to the second round of the guy on guy grinding I decided to leave.

We went to the Whose Line Uncensored which was actually really funny. They did a series of games including Freeze Tag in which you tag out someone in the scene when the person in charge says freeze. There was one that was “worst” in which they acted out scenes based on a certain topic (such as worst way to propose). Another game was to think of a superhero and then a situation and the first superhero has to give a name to the next character and so on.

After that I went to see if the Yakuza panel had started, but could not really get any information so I went back to the game room for a while. After about and hour I went back to try to find the Yakuza panel and ran into Erin and Haley. They were going to the rave but I decided to try to find the panel first. It ended up the panelist did not show. I couldn’t find Erin and Haley in the rave so I wandered around into the How to be Sweet 3 event.

That was just a really weird event. It’s just a combination of really odd things. The first thing after I walked in was two girls flashing the audience. There was also some showing of male genitalia and one guy accepted $20 to let someone of his choosing kick him in the balls.

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  1. BigDaddyWyant

    yeah, I wish we would have been able to start the GG tourney at 10 as everyone expected. hopefully next year the Brawl tourney gets its own room

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