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Welcome to Anime Insights!

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Hello! This is descent and I would like to join the rest of the Anime Insights writers in welcoming you to our new blog where you will find fresh and engaging discussion and analysis of Anime, Manga, and Conventions both past and present. Here at A.I. we hope to keep you abreast of the very best of each Anime season while also providing you with a new place to find a wide array of recommendations and analysis of classics (and some duds) from a wide array of genres. As writers we may be united by our common interest in Anime and Manga, but you will still find a refreshingly wide array of tastes and opinions that will help stimulate discussion and give this site something for everyone.

One of the features we are most excited to bring you is our in-depth reviews of a wide variety of complete series. We know that many people are often left unsatisfied with some of the more generic recommendations found on some other sites. Often anime fans are looking for a bit more than summaries of the funny hijinks and attractive characters; many reviews neglect to offer good insight into the theme, plot, and settings that are often essential to transforming a promising story into a classic. Each week some of our authors will be bringing you reviews, each with a unique personal take, from multiple genres that will help readers find new favorites and expand their repertoire of meaningful and visually striking series. By reading and discussing these topics with us you might even develop some new ideas on some of your personal favorites. Be sure to check in each week to find yet another interesting way to expand your horizons and more importantly, your enjoyment of anime and manga.

We also love conventions here at Anime Insight and likely share that feeling with many a potential reader. Although we are relatively new to conventions, we are certainly not lacking in enthusiasm. It will be our mission to provide in-depth coverage of several annual conventions held throughout the United States. On the week of the ‘cons we attend there will several of us on-site to provide viewers with photos, panel summaries, cosplay highlights, and overall reviews of the quality of every convention we visit. We hope this will help people find exciting new conventions to visit or have a place to relieve some of the highlights if you were also present. Maybe our reviews will even help you work up the courage to attend one for the first time. Our writers will keep you posted on upcoming events and important convention updates from around the country.

Striving to be different doesn’t mean that we will neglect some of the most essential daily features of a go-to anime blog. Beginning with the Spring 2010 season you can join several of our writers in following and discussing a variety of anime series from the new season. Weekly episode reviews and quarterly summaries will be ever present as we follow each series’ maturation and we’ll mourn together when another great story is ruined by a rushed and hand-waved ending. On top of these daily updates, expect plenty of pieces covering the wide array of anime/manga-related culture. Manga recommendations, weekly news updates, cosplay, and modeling guides will help keep this site relatable to readers from all walks of the community and if you stick around long enough you just might find something new to love yourself. There will always be plenty of interesting and funny posts to give this site the flavor it needs to be attractive and entertaining to all our readers.

Once again, let all of us here at Anime Insight thank you for joining us as we begin our journey into the Anime Blogosphere. We are looking forward to developing friendly and active relationships with the entire anime blogging community while providing yet another exciting source for news and information. As you begin to participate in our discussions please remember that diversity of opinion a valued part of Anime Insight and it is something that you can expect from all the writers and readers you find here. We ask everyone to extend courtesy and respect to others in your comments and discussion, trolls, flamers, haters, and baiters need not apply. This is an exciting new step for all of us and we are glad to have you along for the ride. Who knows, you may even be a guest writer at some point!

The Anime Insight Team


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I first started watching this show a few months ago but just recently finished it. I was watching it alongside some other shows and to be honest I felt that it moved at a very slow pace at the beginning. The story starts out with a naive girl named Ai Tanabe who travels to space to join Technora. She is assigned to the Debris Section, which is considered by many to be the lowest section and is heavily looked down upon. Everyone who works in Debris Section is very unique and has a fairly interesting back story.


Once I got past the first few episodes the series started to pick up a bit and I really got drawn in to the series. Most of the characters are very human and it is very easy to sympathize with them. The main protagonist of the show, Hachirota “Hachimaki” Hoshino, initially just seems like a downer who complains about everything. A running gag is his proclamation that his goal is to have his own spaceship which seems like a very juvenile aspiration. As the series progresses you find out a lot more about his motivations to go into space and realize that he has just been lost and confused about what to do. I had mixed feelings towards Hachimaki throughout the show. At times I could see his shy and withdrawn personality somewhat mirroring my own, but at other times his rash choices led to problems with relationships with others. Read the rest of this entry

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

[Warning: There are some spoilers so if you have not yet watched read on at your own risk]

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The last year I didn’t watch much anime but got caught up on some manga such as reading all of Death Note and everything up to date for Bleach and Naruto. I watched a few anime over the past year but nowhere as much as the first year or so of college. How I usually pick anime to watch is to go on sites such as AnimeNewsNetwork and look at the most highly rated anime and watch ones that I haven’t seen yet and look interesting. I had heard of this anime before because of the popularity of one of the main characters, Yoko. When I saw that it was on the top anime list I thought I would give it a try.

I was watching this at the same time I started Code Geass and truthfully the first few episodes of Gurren Lagann just did not draw me in enough so I watched a lot more Code Geass than Gurren Lagann. After finishing Code Geass however, I didn’t have any other anime I was watching so I just went ahead and kept on watching Gurren Lagann. This proved to be a very good choice. After the first few episodes a major character dies in battle, which really confused me since it seemed odd to kill off someone so important so early. Read the rest of this entry