Live action Bleach movie in the works?

Keeping in mind the wonderfully horrible live action Dragonball that was released relatively recently thanks to 20th Century Fox, this news comes as a disappointment. I was never a heavy Dragonball watcher back in the day, having made it only through season 1, but I do follow the Bleach series. So I want the movie to not suck, but history isn’t too kind. The live action movies of Initial D, which was actually done with a decent budget and cast, and Dragonball were a far cry from their anime counterparts. In the end, it just feels like people in Hollywood are making a greedy money grab. Better yet, the movie already feels like and only like a calculated risk-reward kind of a project.

With Peter Segal (Get Smart, 50 First Dates) tentatively at the helm, there might me some “progress” in live action theatrical adaptations of anime series, but then again the bar of expectations isn’t exactly high and I don’t expect anything special or good for that matter when it releases.


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  1. Color me a tad skeptical as well, but somehow you get the feeling that they are taking this rather serious, the Akira release will go a long way in telling us how true that is.

    They really do need to get away from the “money-grab” business model as you call it. As we saw with Dragonball it seems that sometimes the plan is basically to hand fans a crap-sandwich and hope that enough people are obligated to see it that you still win out at the margins. Some money? Sure, but sustainability and acceptance into the mainstream, hell no. Anime/Manga is another great place for western movie directors to find source material, even if they completely localize the plot or idea due to profit concerns, they need to start treating it as such.

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