Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn OAV 1

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Let’s face it, the recent Gundam timelines, Cosmic Era and Anno Domini, have been pretty lackluster. While Seed and 00 have had defining episodes, those are the exceptions rather than the norm. Basically, the mecha aspect have dominated too much of the series that rather than incorporating the giant robot trope into the plot, it’s become the plot. While watching futuristic robots is oh so entertaining, there’s only so much one can take before I start asking, what is the point?

So in the recent Gun we return to the original timeline, Universal Century, the one that started it all. Personally, I started watching Gundam with Endless Waltz first (After Century timeline), so Unicorn is pretty fresh for me or rather I am pretty green to the UC timeline. That isn’t to say that some names of people and places are completely new; the terms of Char, Zeon, and Earth Federation are as well known as they come in the anime universe. So with that in mind, I dived head first…into the wikipedia page to get general idea of where Unicorn stood, years after Char’s Counterattack, in the big picture that is UC.

With that in mind, this OAV doesn’t really reveal anything about the characters other than the protagonist Banagher Links and not a whole lot there either. You have your overarching group that stirs up trouble and setting events in motion to plunge the fragile world into conflict again. Not much is known about the titular Gundam either and yes, the name Unicorn fits the bill of the white knight Gundam. This episode, as I expected, didn’t do much except give a giant push to the plot start up and establish all of the main story lines, basically what you would want in the first episode. All in all, a pretty solid opening episode and you can definitely count on me following this series closely.

PS – I see a lot of SEED characters in Unicorn (or a lot of Unicorn characters in SEED), but they already have more depth and complexity than any of their SEED counterparts at the end of this episode.

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