The Elder God Cthulhu, The Loli-Bringer

It appears that even Lovecraftian mythos is not safe from moe-fication. A recent light novel series in Japan called Haiyoru! Nyaru-Ani has apparently become popular enough to garner itself a series of ONAs (original internet animations), which have been released to much fanfare.

The plot features Nyarlathotep, a Cthulhu deity, one day saving a normal high school student named Mahiro from an alien encounter, and then they have crazy adventures/sexytimes together. Though in concept, engaging in intercourse with a formless god of Cthulhu would not rank high on my personal bucket list (it’d be just below dating Miaka from Fushigi Yugi), the girl form of it does look extremely cute, and the series at least has to be hilarious. I mean, with a premise like that, how can it not be?

So I have high hopes for it. And what do you know? The ONA series is already out and subbed by ANBU. You can get it at their site.

I’m gonna go watch it now, and see loli Cthulhu at last!

NINJA EDIT: I watched it. Review pending! :3

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  1. I will say that the proper term is elder god in references to all Lovecraftian works. The term Cthulu deity is misleading and just wrong.

    *Lovecraftian whore with a stick up his ass*

  2. Fix’d. Thanks guy I don’t know whose name is coincidentally phazonmasher spelled backwards! You’re my hero!

    Also you spelled Cthulhu wrong Mr. Lovecraftian Whore XD

  3. Lol pretty funny, just took a break and watched it all. Its a little much with all the fork brutality but everything else was good times. Loved the whole space kindergarten/”make believe Saint-Seiya” story and Nyarlko’s reaction to plotline inconsistencies was golden in the questions section.

  4. Loli flashes you. Take 1d10 points of sanity damage and go temporarily insane.

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