Bleach Returns! Will you be watching?

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As reported by dyne over at Bleach Exile and various other sources around the web, Bleach will finally be returning to the manga storyline beginning with the episode airing April, 13th. The first three canonical episode titles have already been released and are as follows: #266 Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra, #267 Connected Hearts! The Left Fist Prepared for Death!, and #268 Hatred and Jealousy, Orihime’s Dilemma.

It has been a rather painful 9 months or so folks. While I consider myself a pretty big Bleach fan, the drawn out and often uninteresting plot of the Zanpakuto Rebellion and Zanpakuto Tales arcs truly tried my patience and for the first time ever I found myself skipping episodes and not making plans to catch up on them later. I managed to casually watch about 50-60% of the filler episodes simply to see if there was any interesting developments, but even being non-canon the materialized Zanpakuto spirits where quite often personified in a manner such that the great power and skill of their wielders was almost entirely emasculated just for a couple of humorous gags. The annoying Hieneko and Zabimaru spent waaaay to much time on screen while much more intriguing personalities like Wabisuke were chosen as one-shot targets for the monster that is Kenpachi. Muramasa for all his power was in the end a rather uninteresting final enemy for the first arc and the hollow transformation at the end only served to make things a tad ridiculous in my opinion.

But all that is over now and the time have finally come for my favorite antagonist in the series, the Cuatro Espanda Ulquiorra Schriffer himself to take over the spotlight. In the next episodes we will finally see the beginning of my favorite fight so far in the Bleach storyline, a desperate conflict that will see Ichigo pushed to the brink of death and beyond in the effort to save his friends. This will happen of course at the hands of one the most cold-blooded and competent of Souske Aizen’s cohorts, a dispassionate being of incredible power who will learn a lesson of his own before the conflict is finished. I will do my best not to reveal anything else if you are only a watcher of the anime which last left us with the opening blows of this conflict in the weeks before the endless filler began. So if you are a fan of Bleach in all its forms (except senseless filler) be sure to tune in once again on April 13th to seem the return of awesome to the shonen universe we know and love. What part of the upcoming storyline are you looking forward to?

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  1. I’m not sure if I’m planning on watching the anime. I’ve seen a few episodes here and there but I already read the manga so I certainly don’t plan on going back and watching any of the old episodes. I’ve never been a fan of filler arcs and being a follower of the manga I’m ashamed to admit that I’m somewhat of a manga elitist at least with regards to the story for Bleach. I’ve had similar feelings about other shows like Hellsing. While I discovered the manga only because of that horrendous 13 episode anime, I actually look forward to watching the OVAs since they’re really well done and follow the manga extremely closely.

    With that being said I might give the new Bleach episodes a try since it would be cool to see some of these epic fights actually animated. One of the issues with some mangas that feature a lot of action (D. Gray Man is an excellent example) is that it becomes difficult to see what is actually happening. With the inclusion of color and actual animation it’s not as much of a problem.

    My only gripe is that they have been in this last massive battle for the last year or two of the actual manga’s writing while in the story it all happens in just a few hours. It’s getting way too drawn out for my likes and I’m starting to lose interest in what happens.

  2. I’ll probably be coming back. I pretty much dumped the series when the filler started with the plan to come back later when things mattered again. It has been a rough road. Series like Bleach and Naruto start off well, but damn they hit filler hell. Be nice if they could just take breaks. Just don’t air anything and come back when you have enough material. But no they have to make money selling DVDs (though who buys filler DVDs?) Haven’t followed the manga so I’ll be back since I’ve come this far.

    • Yeah breaks would probably be better but I guess at the same time they probably wouldn’t sit well with the younger part of the audience, which I assume is a big fraction of it in Japan. At the same time do Japanese parents buy those $50 DVDs for there kids? Like any of them? I guess the merchandise sells.

      I straight up lost the ability to watch Naruto, while I love the manga I only went so far as to watch the clips of some of my favorite battles from the past 2-3 years. Jiraya/Pain IMO nothing showcased the greatness of Kishimoto’s ninja’s like it.

      The manga sometimes feels drawn out (Bleach) but if you are gonna read it in a chunk it wont seem bad at all.

      • Yeah I suppose it’s all about what you are used to. In NA there are plenty of examples of shows taking breaks between seasons. You stop and come back later and people are eager to watch again. I think it’s probably a better approach than testing to see how much garbage people can stand before they snap. The only people I can see that would buy those filler DVDs would be obsessive collectors that must have everything from a series even if it sucks.

        For some reason usually just stick with the anime even if the manga is around. Seems like I’ve made it the default version and reading the manga would be spoiling or something. Even if it is the original version. Naruto has gotten better in handling the canon material so I’ve been alright following it that way.

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