Claymore 102


The series tells the story of the Claymore Claire whose history and existence has changed the world that she lives in. Through various encounters and experiences, Claire is changing the lives of the man-eating Youka (demons) and the women-only Claymores who imbue themselves with Youka to combat the Youka. For those of you who followed and watched the Claymore anime in it’s entirety, I am sorry. The last 2 episodes of the series ranks up there (or should I say down there?) with the most horrible in an otherwise solid series. It wasn’t the Evangelion-what-is-going-on, it wasn’t Code Geass-let’s-resurrect-everyone-we-feel-like (for you WoW players out there, the Soul Stone Effect), but it was a horrible let’s manufacture, in the strictest sense, romance where romance had no place being.

That being said, the manga series thankfully remains unaffected by the what-the-hell-happened bug that infected the anime. For newcomers, the anime up to episode 24 more or less corresponds to the manga up to chapter 61. The manga from then on follows the fate of Claire and company, as well as the notable Youkas, and the mysterious Organization. Now at 102, the series is at a crossroads. The recent revelations have massive implications on the plot with a noticeable power gap between the relevant parties, disclosures on the reality of the situation, and the general shift of the series from Claire’s internal and external struggles to other individuals. So this begs the question of whether this series will maintain the quality that we have come to expect. I personally think Claymore will go one way or the other very hard meaning it will be either better or get incredibly ridiculous, but for now just enjoy chapter 102. Oh yeah, Priscilla says hi.

PS – Yes, I know I left out Raki, I wish really he would just die at this point, namely because of the inevitably bad incorporation of his relevance into the future plot.

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  1. I am with you about the ending of the anime being garbage. I mean that was the worst ending ever. I mean they kill any chance of a sequel with it being so drastically different, but at the same time make a horrible anime original ending. Do one or the other. If you don’t plan on continuing give a decent conclusion, or just follow the manga and leave it open for a sequel. Enough ranting about how bad that was.

    I’m really not sure where the manga will go. The characters just seem so weak compared to everything that is out there against them. Priscilla is at god status. I mean you’d need the planet to explode to kill her at this stage.

    Yes let’s just ignore Raki which is a good move.

  2. I’m a bit skeptical on whether or not the mangaka has thought out the story before delving into writing it. The first half of the manga was really good but once they did the timeskip I began to lose a bit of interest in the series because of how loose the plot was becoming. It seems like there’s going to be some big huge event going on in the future with the revelation about the Organization’s dealings and with this mysterious other country. I do agree that the series looks to be gearing up for a shift in quality. I’m really hoping they don’t just power up Claire to counter Priscilla. It would just end up turning into another cliche shonen fight.

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