Haiyoru! Nyaru-Ani (ONA), or the Creeping (and Cute) Adventures of Nyarlko

After watching the ONA series of what can only be described as The Adventures of Loli-Otaku-Cthulhu, I feel that I once more have to dig into my bag of literary devices and pull out a brand new bad pun.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have become a Nyarlkoleptic. See why after the jump.

So it appears that Nyarlko’s previous Lovecraftian name has been shortened to, well, Nyarlko. This is her in ONA form.

Admittedly a far stretch from the cover art on the light novel, but you know what? I kind of like the quality art and animation in this ONA, probably because of my love for Ryukishi07’s art (although he has gotten better recently).

So, why do I like Nyarlko so much? Is it because she’s cute? Is it because she’s a diety of Cthulhu? Is it because she’s a violent, abrasive otaku?

Well, you guessed it, it’s all of the above. As mentioned, Nyarlko frequently plays eroge and designs body pillows in her spare time, all while declaring that she is the real Cthulhu. Oh Nyarlko, you and your delusions of grandeur.

But that’s not all. Just look at the game that’s apparently all the rage in Space right now:

Totally subtle.

And what self-respecting comedy series would be complete without a certain parody:

Needless to say, this series tosses references at you constantly. And if there’s one thing that I love in a comedy show, it’s references. So it was right up my alley. This ONA is a fun little 18 minute diversion that is hopefully a precursor to something…dare I say, monstrous?

(By popular demand, will be edited later for moar Cthuko.)


Look, it's educational too!


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  1. Ironic that I just watched this one last night. The only downside was that song breaking up the little skits. Not that it was bad it just got slightly annoying after a while. The characters themselves were pretty hilarious. Besides can’t remember the last time I just saw a character go and stab someone with a fork.

    Funny with some interesting characters. Too bad it’s mostly an advertisement for a novel I can’t actually read.

  2. Yeah, that is kind of a bummer. Maybe someone will translate it someday. After all if the Baka-Test novel got translated, anything can, and I mean that in a good way (I personally loved Baka-Test, and the anime adaptation was near-perfect in my opinion).

    But what I’m hoping for is a full-blown series based on the novels for this so we can see this “story” that they’re referencing take place. Stranger things have happened. I’m looking at you, B Gata H Kei.

    • True that just about anything can get animated. The best would be a full series to really get into the story. Otherwise it’s just hoping someone (either official or fan based) will translate the novels.

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