Midweek Angel Beats! Goodness

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descent here, fighting through some manifestly unjust criticism of his new found love (obsession? no, not yet) for Angel Beats! to bring you a variety of links related to this season’s best new show:

First off here is the preview for this weeks episode, Angel Beats! 02 Guild

Interview with Jun Maeda, Angel Beats! Creator & Key Founder (NSFW! Its Sankaku and you know what that means…) Kindly transcribed and translated by Sankaku blogger Quen, I found this to be a very illuminating interview by Maeda, one that gives great insight into his creative process and personal motivations. Gotta respect a man who unabashedly plays fighters and RPGs only for the girls lol. There is plenty of Angel Beats!-related material and development stories as well. Links to the original interview and some interesting user comments (related mostly to learning Japanese) are also present.

Angel Beats 2nd Extended Preview, Subbed Here is a masterfully typeset (Karaoke included!) sub of the 2nd extended AB trailer by Youtube user desireesubs. This one has decidedly more post-ep 1 footage and offers more exciting tidbits for us viewers. But yes, gorgeous subs.

Angel Break Beats! ~by Yossy~ An excellent track adapted from the beautiful music in the first Angel Beats! trailer. You can find more by amazing work by Yossy, a Japanese artist, at his personal website: Studio Misty (note: Japanese, but navigable). The original track can also be found sans trailer here. (Note: I will have both versions available for download on Gendou’s Anime Music or Mediafire soon if someone doesn’t take care of it)

More from the official Japanese site, here is the official Character Concept Art (note: Japanese, omg Tenshi with emotions *gasp* I guess she technically did show them by sighing already)

While this isn’t my thing I’m sure someone might appreciate that fact that there is already Stepmania stages out for the Trailer track as well, you can find some vids of play-throughs here,  and a decidedly harder version (by my eye) here.

Have a great day everyone and I hope you are looking forward to another weekend of Angel Beats!

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  1. Thanks for all the stuff! If this were any other series I would probably devour all of those links presently, however, for once I don’t want to spoil myself by reading definitives from the author. I’m currently really enjoying all of the places the anime can go, and once I actually do tie it down to the most likely curve it won’t be as fun anymore. Thus, I’m going to do my best to continue experiencing this on a weekly bases.

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