Site Changes 2010-04-07

Updated the site again with a few minor cosmetic changes. I really like before and after pictures, so here are some pictures to help me illustrate what has actually changed since a few days ago:



(Top) Old banner with Spike's shoulder fixed; (Bottom) Changed background color

The main change to the banner is the background color. A reader commented that the original red and dark blue did not match the site very well so I have now switched it to an orange color. The color theme of the site is very light with the main accent colors being blue and orange. Those two colors are used primarily for links. Another fix is Spike’s shoulder has now been photoshopped in since it was originally cut off vertically about halfway.

Front page


Changes to the front page

Some additional changes to the front page is that the titles for posts are now in a much larger font size to help them stand out more. Another change is that the color of the text for the number of comments has been changed to an orange from the original blue color. This allows some contrast between the comments and the tags lines to allow readers to more easily differentiate between the two.

Author Comments


(L) New styling; (R) Old styling with the border colors of the new style - the old borders were the same color as the default

The comments sections are now styled such that all authors will have their comments stand out from other users. Originally all comments had the same styling. A first attempt at styling author comments resulted in a less than appealing border and background color combination. After using the wonderful Kuler application by Adobe (with a bit of tweaking) I finally reached a much more subtle and aesthetically pleasing combination.

Sorry for the random off-topic post. I just figured people might be interested in some of the cosmetic changes to the site since it’s what most visible. There are lots of other changes going on with the site, most of which users will never notice. This also serves as a way for me to document any changes I make to the theme.

For anyone that’s wondering if I will start posting about anime and manga soon, the answer is YES! Very soon.

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  1. I just realized that there are multiple bloggers for this site :P. I guess I should have read the about and not just imagined a blogger with a lot of spare time to write substantial posts.

    It’s looking good so far keep it up (words of encouragement from a not-so-successful blogger)!

    • Yes, at the present time we have a total of four authors. We will have a fully updated “About” page shortly. 3 out of the 4 of us have tried our hands at blogging about varying topics and we also have shared similar so-called-failures. I try to look at them not as failures, but experiences to get us to where we are at present with this site. I’m having a lot of fun working on this site and have learned quite a bit about coding in the past week.

      • Yeah Dustin it was never easy for us either, another friend and I eventually ran into a bit of a wall upkeeping our sports blog and motivation destroyed us before we had a chance to recover. You seem to enjoy the stuff you write about, that seems to be the first ingredient, i think the other one is simply seeing ideas and concepts that work for other people and adapting them to your own site and vision. Hopefully we’ll be both be successful going forward.

        Btw while I have in the pre-blogging past come across your site several times I just remembered that you were the user of the unique waku waku/faceplam rating system I always thought that was fun. When I had first read your Winter post I remember being rather appeased by your correct (cause my way is the right way lol) analysis of SoRaNoWoTo and Laides vs Butlers, I almost raged a bit about Baka till I saw the update that let me know you had come around to the light side lol.

      • Thanks both of you. I do like what I write for the most part but the (not-so-successful blogger) was referencing my sometimes lackluster commitment. I think the really good bloggers can crank out a good post even on their off days and never let their readers go too long without hearing from them. I’m not at that level by any means. I read your guy’s mission statement and it’s pretty ambitious. I hope you guys can achieve it.

  2. I just try to troll as many people as possible and see how many of them rages back at me.

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