K-ON! to Get Third Season Already?

Artefact over at Sankaku Complex has announced that the DVD preorders for K-ON!! (the second season) have already been put up on Amazon.co.jp and cdjapan.co.jp, and the number of volumes slated to be released suggests that we may be getting more K-ON! than we previously expected. Read on for why.

You can read the full story here, but I’ll summarize it anyway. Most Region 2 anime DVD volumes have about 2 episodes in each DVD, and are each somewhere around $50 to $70. K-ON!! (which we all assumed to have about 13 episodes like last season) has now been revealed to have up to”Volume 9″ available for preorder. Unless they plan on putting only 1 episode on each disc for $70 (which would not be completely out of the realm of possibility, unfortunately), this suggests either one of two things:

1. K-ON!! (the second season) will last at least 18 episodes, possibly 24.

2. The option that Artefact believes more likely, which is that there will be a continuous 3rd season right after the second, but apparently it will still be called K-ON!! (with two exclamation marks).

Personally I believe option 1 to be more likely, due to the fact that referring to a third season of K-ON! still as “K-ON!!”, rather than something like “K-ON!!!”, just seems off.

This is all just rumor and speculation and the DVD listings could very well be an error in the system, but if it’s true then this is good news for K-ON! fans like me. Both of these things of course suggest more moe mania, so I’m pretty happy right now.

On another K-ON!! related note, expect my thoughts on the first episode shortly. Spoiler Alert: I liked it.

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  1. Spoiler Alert: I liked it.

    Crap, I’m spoiled.

  2. lol

  3. Great pic, high quality too. Rofl your tags omg I love it!

  4. Btw ramen, Dustin used a K-on pic for his last post that I dare say even surpasses the cuteness in this one, bears checking out and saving for the screensaver slideshow if I do say so.

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