P.A. Works just outdid itself

Words cannot describe how fitting this is:

I love it, I love it, I love it. Its showcases the cast, puts a major spotlight on our main female leads and has some absolutely beautiful music. I feared last week might have been a high point, not yet! What can Tenshi not do! She is so expressive and yet mysterious. The is a subtle sadness to her playing that raises even more question about what will happen. Oh my god her wings! Wings! *End fanboyism* Get watching this people!

***UPDATE: Here is the wonderful ED with the new Animation as well***

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  1. This OP was great. I don’t think that can be overstated. The song was great, it was beautiful, and Angel was outstanding! Really that was some piano playing right there.

  2. Indeed.
    The OP blew me away =) The piano is simply amazing, another great performance by Lia.
    The anime is picking up a bit. lets hope its continues that way ^^

  3. The op is soo wonderful!! And lia in the vocals was the perfect choice!, i totally love this op, it has a feeling that i cant explain.

  4. とりあえず見る。

  5. As expected vocal from Lia, always makes me amazed. Opening design also great.
    Oh Girls Dead Monster also will release single at 23rd this month.

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