Miku Append Release Imminent

It looks like the much anticipated update to the world’s most popular Vocaloid will finally be hitting shelves for popular consumption on April 30th. Miku Append is a comprehensive update that will enhance and expand our lovely Miku Hatsune’s vocal range and capabilities. Not only will her voice be made smoother and more natural, it will introduce 6 new “tones” in which she will be capable of singing: Sweet, Soft, Vivid, Dark, Light, and Solid. The product costing 16800 Yen (approx 186USD) can be found at here at Crypton’s official site. You can also find various fan-made artwork relating to Miku’s new look as well as several excellent samples of her new abilities.

Why is this big news? Well with this release now coming into the mainstream you can definitely expect a fresh wave of amazing Miku songs that take full advantage of her voice as well as plenty of remakes that will give some of the classics new life. The Append software pack will likely be the new rage for awhile until similar updates come along for her Vocaloid pals and you can expect that her starpower is only going to increase in coming months. Perhaps they might even decide to give the world tour a shot. (a man can dream, haha).

Well please feel free to get as excited as I am about Miku-chan’s demos above and while we’re at it lets take a look at some Miku songs that are already using the new software that have begun to emerge from NicoNicoDouga:

Hikari, Hikari-(using the more mature, and beautiful Dark)

A few more after the jump….

Yoake no Inori-(using soft):

Beautiful Ballad-(using Sweet)

Some very exciting pieces of work, and I can only assume that this is just the beginning. Miku Soft and Miku Dark are both amazing and the others will probably have their own well-suited genre’s as well. Looking forward to this exciting update! Love ya Miku (and props to all you amazing composers).

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  1. Wow… just wow, the first song is sooo amazing…, sooo peacefull, miku append is very nice, cant wait to see the other miku songs singed by miku append.

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