An Update, Angel Beats 6, and Midweek Links

Hello everyone! Let me start off by saying that we will finally be getting things going again this week here at Anime Insights. After an exciting start a variety of demands on our time including a extremely busy end to the college semester for most of us as well as some overseas travel definitely curtailed our productivity.  We look forward to getting back to covering a variety of shows and topics and will hopefully be bringing you our first convention coverage early next month.

I have done my best to keep abreast of this season even with the busy schedule and I must say that it has continued to shape up very strong indeed. Angel Beats continues to shine as the best show of the season through 4 excellent episodes since my last post and I cannot wait to be blogging on it this Saturday. K-ON!! and Working!! have been very solid and I have continued to tune in each week. Kaichou wa Maid-Sama has essentially been my introduction to Shojou story telling and I honestly have enjoyed it. Giant Killing is definitely a watchable sports anime. Finally I have to admit that B Gata H Kei and Mayoi Neko Overrun both left me unsure for a variety of reasons early this season but I have really warmed up to them and will enjoy watching their conclusions this season. There definitely is a little bit for almost everyone going this season and with Bleach finally returning from filler for some half-way decent episodes even Shonen is looking up in my book for the moment.

I guess I should spend a moment talking about Angel Beats Episode 6. Things definitely got real this week and the SSS fresh off deposing the cute, mapo tofu loving Tenshi aka Kanade Tachibana (whose name I LOVE) found out that the formerly though-to-be NPC Naoi was actually a sadistic hypotism-using murdering god-aspirant who suffered through his own terrible childhood which was rather hurriedly described to us during the homoerotic scene pictured at the top of this post. I have absolutely loved Kanade’s characterization over the past two episodes. After being starved for glimpses of her personality she has definitely made herself even more of a hit if the wave of fanart overtaking the internet is any indication.  As for Otonashi, while not approaching the level of an iconic lead, I have so far greatly enjoyed seeing the story as told through his eyes. The emotion and deep thinking with which he approaches many of the situations he encounters sometimes borders on the over-dramatic but mostly just adds to the meaningful feeling many of the more somber moments of Angel Beats possess. I am somewhat surprised by the amount of Yuri hate that has been going around various online communities. Far be it from me to deny that she has been a huge jerk at times, especially to Tenshi, but nevertheless she is often shown being very concerned with her subordinates and is the only other character outside of Otonashi in the SSS who is shown deeply analyzing the developments surrounding Kanade. She was the first to begin theorizing on Kanade’s true nature and saw her entire theory behind the world they live in shaken once she confirmed Tenshi’s humanity, but kept her cool and continued on. Her latest appeal to Tenshi for help should settle the situation in everyones mind and while I enjoy Kanade’s character much more, Yurippe has many appealing traits as well.

We’ll be back later tonight with a bit more and other content is coming down the pipe for the weekend. Thank you for bearing with us during the lull and I look forward to hearing from you all. Lets end this post with some links:

  • Translator irreduciblerepresentation has begun translating the remainder of the Angel Beats Illustrated Novel
  • New Scanlation group Bakanahaven has begun translating the 2nd Angel Beats Manga, Heaven’s Door
  • A collaboration of posters over at AnimeSuki helped to scanlate yet another adorable segment from the Angel Beats 4koma.

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