Vocaloid Pick-ups for the Week

As some readers of the blog, and all those listening to the music playing in my car can probably tell you, I have fallen absolutely in love with Miku and nearly all of her Vocaloid friends over the past month or two. Thinking about how to best incorporate that into a small feature on the blog I decided to start sharing a few of my favorite song pickups from the previous week to help interested readers discover new Vocaloid works.

Coward Mont Blanc, Vocaloid: Gumi, Artist: Deco*27

A beautiful sounding but melancholic song which somewhat metaphorically addresses a painful relationship. Gumi’s voice is fabulous here and the song itself is absolutely pleasing to the ears, for the Vocaloid haters its almost impossible to tell that one is used here. Definitely raised my awareness of Gumi works which I had never really listened to before.

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Snow Grass Song, Vocaloid: Miku Hatsune (Append-Solid), Artist: 少々P

A unique change of pace that shows off just how artistically Vocaloids can be employed. Here we have Miku with her new Append-Solid voice singing a traditional Japanese folk song. Her strong unwavering sound, and the well-tuned vibrato turn this into a very intriguing piece. The Vocaloid-only touches, such are the background sounds and chorus generated using Miku as well put some original touch on the song.

Don’t My List Me, Vocaloid: Rin Kagamin, Artist: THE VOC@LOiD M@STER12

This definitely made me laugh the hardest this week. Here we have a cute looking Rin in hardcore rocker mode somewhat rudely and desperately demanding that her NicoNicoDouga (Japanese Youtube equivalent) fans not “MyList” (aka favorite, thumbs up) her. While she maybe come off a little harsh we eventually see that in the end even she is not immune to the adoration of her otaku fandom. Lots of good “insider type” references here that make it great, translator notes are provided, enjoy!

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