Vocaloid Pickups for the Week and some Project Diva, Desu

This week has involved lots of Vocaloid fun for me. Fresh off successfully getting my MCAT exam out of the way I set out to add some unique album art of Miku and all her friends to my 500+ and growing collections of songs. It involved plenty of iTunes headaches and workarounds and some annoying use of PrntScrn and Paint but its been a fun time and its kind of neat seeing a little bit of every artist’s unique impression of the Vocaloids they use appear along with their songs  when I shuffle. It also had me listening to and discovering dozens of new songs through some Youtube link-adventuring and we’ll be visiting some of my discoveries for this week’s pickups. Finally thanks to the Facebook Miku Hatsune fan group I saw the newly released preview of Sega’s Project Diva 2nd opening sequence which will be releasing to much fanfare later this summer.

Here is the aforementioned OP preview I mentioned where we get to see Miku, Rin, Len, and Luka rendered in fabulous detail in a school setting set to a background of a very neat Ryo song. Sure the gameplay graphics won’t be this awesome but nevertheless this 46 second clip already has me sold and dying of anticipation.

Onto the songs after the break:

RiNG My BeLL, Headphone Tokyo ft. Miku Hatsune

This song is an amazing work by professional producer Yoshinori Abe, who also goes by the pseudonyms Toku-P and HeadphoneTokyo (think SPiCa, ARiA fame, amongst others). His work with Miku is top-notch and the music and vocals in this song are absolutely top quality. I have not clue how this video and song do not have more popularity and my inability to find good lyrics for it is likely a result of that. Nevertheless the images in the video are rather self-explanatory and the shy and flustered student Miku is absolutely adorable. Definitely worth the listen, a high quality video link on Vimeo is here. Get watching, fall in love, and tell your friends!

Merry Day, Noboru↑P ft. Miku Hatsune

Blue haired and cute Miku is feeling a little lonely on Christmas Day in this deceptively happy-sounding but somewhat melancholic song by Noboru. This was yet another high quality production put out by the artist who had the ridiculously catchy Sayonara-Goodbye performed at the Miku Hatsune giving day concert this March. Take heart in the fact that Miku would most likely never be this lonely during the holidays.

Rainbow Butterfly, 黒うさP ft. Miku Hatsune

A touching and sad song featuring Miku singing somewhat metaphorically about someone who was close to her. The PV features some amazing Miku artwork (love!) and has built-up considerable views in the 1.5 years since its been released. It took some work to find the lyrics to this song but I guess we will have to trust the translation provided by Yahoo!Answers Top Contributor Belie (found here) which I have included below the video, enjoy this beautiful piece of music:

In the starry sky, nimbly, gently
The night of the moon hidden behind clouds
has for some reason gone astray
In the little room stained with dust

A candle’s light…
The light is near, far, and then near
A red-hot heart…
The heart that resembles clumsiness

Gently falling down
By your side the wings spread out

If I try to see the same world
Those eyes will turn away

When I go to touch those fingertips
Somehow they are so hot

How long did time pass
Just the two of us in this cold room
With a face about to cry
You saw I couldn’t fly

“I pray you will forget”
It was the first and last lie

Now you are wrapped in my hands
Your warm eyes close
The flowers of the snow cover the sky
And lonely drops flow down

You taught me kindness
You taught me pain

Above all, you taught me something important
That I shall never forget

Someday, somewhere, when we meet again
Surely by your side your wings will spread…

Snow gradually turns to rain
The clouds are torn off and a rainbow is built
Just like my wings
Changing such pretty colors

  • Thats all for this week everyone, hope I’ve helped you get started on discovering some amazing new Vocaloid productions. To all Miku haters or fans of other Vocaloids I apologize for a week that includes heavy helpings for my adorable green-haired princess, I will make sure to up the variety this weekend!

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