ColossalCon 2010 Live Blog – Anime and Games to the Big Screen


As the title of this post suggests this hour will be dedicated to a discussion and critique of anime and game-based live-action films. I am sure this will become more exciting once they get their laptop working and this will hope be a delightful hour spent roasting Uwe Boll, Dragonball Evolution, and other abominations. This panel is hosted by  the Anime Academy for any of their dedicated fans reading this (seriously this one girl just flipped out in here, but I have no clue who they are, they look like nice people though):

  • Some points being made about adaptation potential. Plotlines which are reliant on one major plot twist, aka Bioshock, do not make good movies. This type of story design is already flawed in its game format and I have to agree that it is very hard to salvage on the big screen.
  • Good lord we are watching the trailer to the absolutely awful 1993 Super Mario Brothers Movie. I had forgotten how nightmarishly bad it was, dinosaurs, fungus, and all. That movie literally scared the crap out of me as a young Mario fan many years ago. A massive financial flop and deservedly so.
  • And now John Claude Van Damme and his awful Street Fighter adaptation. It is absolutely remarkable that they somehow scammed the world into paying them close to 65 million dollars in profits. Tune in sometime to see everyone’s favorite, Chun Lee featured as a news reports (?).
  • Mortal Kombat, ahhh now that brings back memories. I could never get over how freaking wimpy Scropion and Sub-Zero looked. Could they not find some ridiculously buff dudes to make the roles work. 24 million to make and I bet they spent most of it on Goro costume, given how it is actually much better than anything else in that movie. Thanks to legions of arcade and console gaming fanboys, like myself and many others it actually wound up grossing over $122 million.
  • Wow Dungeons & Dragons, I didn’t even know it existed. After watching that trailer I will now try to forget it.
  • Now we are on to something that was an actual film sucess: Tomb Raider. I can’t say it was the best movie ever made but I barely realized it was a game-based movie when it was made. It was obviously fairly successful for many Lara Crofty-ish reasons. One of my mom’s favorites (random I know), but despite the bungee cords and crazy time shifting it was actually pretty darn cool.
  • Resident Evil, Advent Children, are also being pointed out. Man I would like to see some What I Watched/What I Expected/What I Got for some of these, I bet they are out there.

Eyes and hands are getting a little tired and the excitement of the next two hours are getting to be a little much, going to take a break for the time being to later tonight. Look forward to more updates from both of us!

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