ColossalCon 2010 Live Blog – CLAMP Panel


The 5pm Panel I will be covering is a panel discussion the Female Mangaka group CLAMP and their associated works.

  • We started things off watching a music video featuring artwork and lyrics created by the group, I’m sure these work can be located on youtube and it was actually a pretty interesting watching.
  • Currently were going through a brief summary of some of CLAMP’s more notable works. These include their very first, Man of Many Faces, their well known masterpiece RG Veda, CLAMP Camps Defenders, ect.
  • Pretty interested in the next mentioned work, Shirahime-syo, one I haven’t heard before. Seems to be a licensed and available of short story manga works with a mystical snow princess-type theme.
  • Discussing the Legend of Chun Hyang, the first unfinished CLAMP work based on Korean lore. Apparently it is decently reknowned despite terminating in the middle of a main character’s backstory. One of many unfinished works by this group, often due to health and production problems associated with some of the writers.
  • Magic Knight Rayerth, a fairly popular manga stateside, was one of the stronger productions in the early 90s to be brought over.
  • Haha, they are now discussing CLAMP’s rather infamous Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, a more than trippy and sometimes overtly crazy manga series and associated OVA of notable fame for its awfulness.
  • Watashi no suki na hito (1995) is being discussed now. I can vouch for this one depending on the kind of view you have of romance. Essentially a collection of romantic short stories they attempt to address a variety of “love” issues faced by young women. Not for everyone but I know some people will enjoy it.
  • Another unfinished work, X, is being discussed. Apparently this work did in fact total 21 volumes and is fairly well known. Several “pictureshow” style music videos of the art were produced by the group accompanied by music from the group X Japan.
  • As I am watching this panel I am really beginning to understand more about the distinctiveness of CLAMP’s style. Having only been familiar with Chobits and Tsubasa before this to a large extent its becoming much more evident.
  • Just watched the CLAMP in Wonderland 2 Music Video, I don’t even know what is going on but WOW that was pretty cool, check it out!
  • And now onto Card Captor Sakura discussion, sorry for knowing nothing about this before hand! Lots of jokes on the dub and translations.
  • The panelists really recommend Wish, apparently one of CLAMPs tearjerking works, set in the same universe as CLAMP’s more recent work, Kobato.
  • Another in a string of unfinished works, Clover, a work set in a dystopian future where the government is trying to control children with mysterious abilities. It was translated and released despite being unfinished.
  • Anglic Layer now, the largely unrelated work which is nevertheless set in the Chobits universe. Actually considered to be a shonen title, and with an anime generally panned as the victim of an awful dub.
  • Some bashing now on the CLAMP short work known as Suki, considered to be ruined by an awful female lead set in the universe of the next title:
  • Legal Drug (Gohou Drug). Another incomplete work which ended with the production run of its host magazine. The lead panelist emphasizes the good lead up the story had due to production issues never got to live up to its potential. It might be making a comeback so if you love CLAMP stay tuned.
  • Finally onto Chobits, the story taking place several years after Angelic Layer. Not the best anime but from the parts I’ve seen I can recommend it, I’m sure many people in this room would as well.
  • xxxHolic, correction, apparently we are just supposed to call it “Holic”.  Begun in 2003 and includes an associated anime produced by Madhouse. The Panelist strong recommend this anime, inspite of its lacking artwork style.
  • And now on to Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. CLAMP’s longest running (28 volumes) work. I know it has a uncompleted 52 episode anime that is considered somewhat confusing and disappointing despite a very strong musical score. Even the manga is considered maddeningly “mailed in” during its final chapters.
  • And now we wrap up with Kobata, CLAMP’s most recent and fairly popular production. Set in the same universe as Wish, however this time with a more easily gender-specified angel. Considered to be fun, cute, and well drawn, a strongly recommended work.

And that’s a wrap as I get ready to head over to the Plastic Modeling Panel.

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