ColossalCon 2010 Live Blog – Cosplay Made Easy


The panel is run by a few people who are active on the forums including Axelious and the girl who did the really amazing Five Star Stories cosplay seen at Ohayocon. Her cosplay is very intricate and even involves welding.

She started out talking about some of the materials used for metalworking such as dremel tools and shears. A cheaper alternative is using foamies to make armor similar to the Amethyst Angel tutorial that is seen so commonly.

CosplayAerith just came in wearing none other than her Aerith cosplay.

Screen printing can be cheaper than the iron on alternative. You can get screen printing paint for fairly cheap from craft stores.

In response to the question about what products to use for styling wigs, use Krylon Clear Acrylic Coat. For a men’s wear wig you can use Got2B style or Free Spray. You can also use unflavored gelatin to add some spikes and will put it into a shell. Pantene Pro-V detangler ($3) will help you detangle wigs (don’t use the cheap stuff).  Got2B will wash out but the Krylon stuff will not. For the Krylon stuff make sure to have proper ventilation and a respirator to save your lungs. Tiling foam dries clear and water resistant and can also be used for spikes.

As a beginner use patterns to learn the basics and they are easy to alter such as adding length or adding pleats.

For every fabric use a different needle. For a lightweight organza use a size 6 or so as well as a lighter foot. Leather needs as thick of a needle as you can or an industrial machine. She got one for $50 at a closing sale and can do leather. Very heavy.

CosplayAerith just came back with a lot of hair styling things for her tutorial later.

Haha, Zaid just came in and interrupted for a few minutes.

Apparently swimsuit material can allow you to see out but not see in for making face masks.

A question about making mecha suits and you can either use fiberglass or possibly foam. Carve everything out of foam then add bondo. Another layer of latex and then plaster to make the mold. Fiberglass is then used to layer the inside and outside. A pair of black overalls are used, turned inside out and then pieces of armor are added to them. Look up pulley systems for your hands – look it up on youtube. Supposedly it’ll only take about 20 minutes. Put the shoes on top of where the shoes are supposed to be. These are all excellent tips for me to consider when making my Megaman Zero cosplay.

Aerith has gone through about 4 costumes of Aerith. She got a lucky find for a jacket that she altered with foamies and paint. She starts off with got2b glue and everything is layered. She uses a spikey brush and teases it up and blow dries it, then takes a straightener and curl it over. She bought the ponytail off of Amphigory and just added a bow. She says she’s not very good at explaining.

I really want to stay longer for this panel but unfortunately I need to run back to get my stuff for my plastic model panel.

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