ColossalCon 2010 Live Blog – Formal Ball


I actually intended to go to the formal ball but last minute packing meant I accidentally left my dress pants at home. They have a pretty strict dress code so I couldn’t get in. I asked if I could get in just to take some pictures when the event started, but they told me to just go back an hour later at 10 PM. I went back and they let me in.

I found out that apparently I had just missed a guy proposing to his girlfriend and she said yes (so she’s now his fiancee).

I bumped into a few people I knew including Zaid and Zak and his girlfriend. I ended up talking to Zak and his girlfriend for quite a while. She’s from Detroit and really recommended Youmacon at the end of October so I will have to keep that in mind for future conventions to go to.

Some of the cosplayers I saw in the hall included two people cosplaying as characters from Sengouku Basara and had some really thin light swords made out of pine. Another cosplayer was Ky from Guilty Gear and he actually made parts of his sword (the two things coming out of the handle at the end) out of chair legs. It was very creative use of materials. He sadly admitted that he did not make the clothes but overall I really liked the cosplay.

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  2. Hey that Ky was me! 🙂 While I do regret not making my own clothing, overall I had a great deal of fun that weekend. Now with BlazBlue taking over popularity, and being the small known game that it already is, I was surprised to see other Guilty Gear cosplayers. I forgot if you managed to take a picture of me or not, I can’t find myself anywhere on the net haha.

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