ColossalCon 2010 Live Blog – Friday Cosplay and Fashion Show


Currently sitting in the Friday cosplay and fashion show. It’s been pretty good so far. I just got done watching and taking pictures of the walk-on competition so far. It’s had a lot of really great cosplays as well as some somewhat obscure ones. Some notables are Kuwabara, a girl from Gargroyles, Him from Powerpuff Girls, some Metal Gear Solid characters, female Robin from Teen Titans, Mario characters, and even a really well done Fran from Final Fantasy.

They are currently doing a section in which cosplayers are supposed to act like their character. The first was the really good Doctor Who group. Urahara just stumbled in and did a really loud yawn and walked off, garnering much applause. Kuwabara just rushed across the stage and fell down and then yelled that he meant to do that. Earlier he volunteered to help stall and did a thing where he flexed his muscles and said “welcome to the gun show.” The Allen Walker from D. Gray Man did a monologue about saving people and was probably meant to be emotional. So far it seems like the funny ones do a lot better than the serious monologue ones. The Blu Scout one was pretty good, where some of it was taken from the video, but then at the end says that she’ll throw in a Sham-wow and as an extra will add in a free beating. Next time – Slap Chop. Very funny.

This is a pretty short post mostly because there hasn’t been too much that happened so far aside from me taking pictures. I really like how they have a Friday thing. It’s a lot lighter than the Saturday masquerade. People are all pretty laid back since there is not as much competition. I think that other conventions should start doing something similar so people can just have a fun time.

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