ColossalCon 2010 Live Blog – More Amore! Your Shoujo is Showing


My first real panel of the day. Colossalcon days start out relatively late as there is not really that much to do before noon. The dealer’s room does not open until noon and I only stayed at the Otaku Party! for a short time.

The start of this panel is just throwing out the names of some popular shoujo. The main panelist brought up a really good point about how the female leads are all really naive and oblivious to the guy(s) that like her. Aizawa is the writer that is responsible for Paradise Kiss, which I saw the first episode or so. It’s about a high school girl going to a really prestigious high school who doesn’t really want to be there but is there because of her parents. This guy that has the traditional punk look runs up to her and wants her to be a model for them. She becomes a model for their company and eventually falls in love with the main guy. It’s one of those shows in which you have a love/hate relationship with the main guy.

Apparently Fushigi Yuugi has the best transvestites ever.

The main female panelist doesn’t understand the fascination with Yaoi and doesn’t really care to discuss it in this panel.

A friend of the panelist comes in and says that her favorite Shoujo is Love Hina, but the panelist says that while the manga is really good the anime is really bad. I remember watching the anime when I was younger and not really  getting into it that much.

A question is whether a guy looks better when smoking and the general consensus by the females is that it depends on the guy. “It’ll look good if he’s leaning against a motorcycle.”

Another favorite is Ouran Host High School. I’m almost surprised that there is not more cheers. The guy without the shirt says that he doesn’t think the twins are gay for each other while the female panelist says that she thinks they are just the same person.

Makoto Shinkai is brought up.The Place Promised in Our Early Days and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time are brought up, both of which are movies that I really enjoyed.

Chobits is touched upon and the female panelist said that while she really liked the manga she thought the anime was also really well done. There’s a lot of debate on whether manga or anime versions are better but usually if the manga is first then the manga is better.

Full Metal Panic, including Fumoffu is discussed. Fumoffu is the fluff. The show is super duper romance comedy. The first season is half action half comedy while Fumoffu is a complete change and then the third season goes back to all action.

Boys Be are cute little one shots.

School Rumble – “the bicycle scene is my favorite.” I watched the first few episodes of the series and it was pretty funny.

Random aside – the guy without the shirt asks who owns a fedora.

Question about who everyone’s favorite Tenchi series is. Ryo Ohki is the one where it ends and you’re just like “huh.” Seems like someone just ruined something or at least revealed something about Tsunami. The guys without the shirt didn’t really like Tenchi because he thinks that he was a tool. The female panelist who was gone just came back and was really excited to talk about Tenchi but the discussion just ended. Discussion went back to Tenchi with some more favorites such as Tokyo being thrown out. Ken-Ohki and Ryo-Ohki is the main panelist’s favorite couple.

Back to Love Hina. What couple do you want to happen? I always liked Motoko just because she was the quiet one who did martial arts.

The main panelist asks if you place yourself and the person you like as the characters in the manga. Some of the girls in the audience say they definitely do it. Well the shirtless guy just left so sadly he will not be in the picture since I forgot to take the picture first.

Panel’s been invaded by a Doctor Who, the same girl who was in the Otaku Dating Game panel last night. She is very very in character, including the English accent.

The aftertaste of watching shoujo is the expectation of getting into a relationship or something similar. But then you get completely let down and it’s very anti-climactic.

Rose of Versailles is brought up as a somewhat obscure shoujo since it’s from the 70s but I’ve actually heard of it before. Somehow the discussion is now veering towards vampires, Twilight, and sparkly vampires. Two of the people in the audience admit to liking Twilight, both of whom are teenagers. Speaking of 7 movies, one of the panelists mentioned that Harry Potter has now topped the Star Wars franchise in terms of sales. I’ll have to admit that I never read past the fourth book so I will have to withhold judgement.

Detroit Metal City is now being talked about but now we’re finally getting back to the gripes. One of the main ones – all the girls are stupid. This is actually my biggest gripe about watching shoujo, especially the Taiwanese drama adaptations. Someone brought up the fact that at least in Ouran the main female is smart and not completely naive and dumb.

Another gripe is the stupid situations. There are normal things, haha funny things, and then all of a sudden they are placed in a ridiculous situation. Another thing is that at least one of the characters is rich. The stock character types including the rich, good looking boy who is an asshole.

Hana Yori Dango is discussed including the Chinese version. The Chinese version is a lot different in that the characters are placed into college instead of high school which completely changes a lot of the situations. An interesting fact about the Chinese version is that the F4 from the show actually formed a boy band called F4 which was really popular in China for a while.

Onegai Teacher is a really weird show in which an alien comes to Earth and becomes a teacher. The panelist says it was the most generic show she’s seen.

I’m about to head out to my next panel so I’ll have to cut this two hour panel short in terms of coverage. Apologies to those who really wanted to see more.

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