ColossalCon 2010 Live Blog – Ninjas vs. Pirates vs. Zombies


I was only in this panel for a short while since I got in about half way and I was having issues accessing the internet. The panel is exactly what the title implies – it’s a discussion of who would win in a fight between the three. When I got in they were on the topic of zombies in which they were talking a bit about what stores have zombie emergency plans. Apparently Dick’s Sporting Goods has a really good plan in their system in which they camp out for two days and uses the fact that most Dick’s Sporting Goods are located in malls, meaning they plan on taking over the mall.

There was some discussion about ninjas and if ninjas would be able to win against zombies from the Left 4 Dead series. It was difficult to hear since everyone was talking at once. There was also a question of certain ninja-pirate matchups such as Johnny Depp vs Naruto which is probably one of the worst examples of a ninja. The “ninja” section seemed very displeased and gave Ryu Hyabusa for a much better example (from Ninja Gaiden).

While walking back to my room I saw Zaid in his Aladdin cosplay. Zaid is like the perfect match for both Aladdin and Spike Spiegal. I’ve heard about him and we have some mutual friends but this was my first time meeting him and introducing myself.

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  1. this is really cool for someone who wasn’t able to make the convention.

    one of you guys should do a report on cosplay chess (11am – 1pm saturday). I was supposed to run that but forces beyond my control are keeping me in cinci, so I’m quite curious to see how it goes, haha.

    awesome live blog is awesome. 😀

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