ColossalCon 2010 Live Blog – pandamajik’s Plastic Modeling


descent here, getting ready to live blog a Panel by one of Anime Insights’  very own, founder pandamajik’s Plastic Modeling panel. Having had a chance to see many of my good friend’s works over the past few years I can tell you right now that the man knows what he is talking about and this should be an informative one to watch. There is also a very helpful presentation that we will put up for download later tonight. Enjoy:

  • Lots of emphasis on doing research before beginning your projects. I couldn’t agree more. Look at what has been done, get an idea of what is possible and what is necessary to get the job done. By doing research you kind discover your true interests, solidify your goals, and become well prepared to begin a rewarding project.
  • Safety when using paints is essential. Using a respiratory filter for acrylic paints is a must and some of the more harmful varieties might even require organic material respirators.
  • Custom modifications of Gundam projects and unique additions are possible and indeed rather prevalent within the community. Once again research and preparation can help you better prepare to tackle even more difficult projects.
  • Metallic paints are ALWAYS considered to be the best finish for Gundam projects.
  • As a beginner its often better to start with quality but less expensive Gundam kits. HGUC kits are a good starting place, being fairly affordable and yet still promising a good result.
  • Don’t feel bad looking at finished products. Many people have already built great Gundams models. While your might not be entirely unique, if you know what you are aiming for you will be better prepared for a solid finish and will have a springboard from which to add your own customizations.
  • Even something as simple as Google Images is a fantastic resource to find work-in-progress and finished project pictures, check it out and you might find a new favorite modeler to emulate.
  • We are now looking at some amazing customizations of HGUC kits by one of the better asian modelers. The kit is completely unrecognizable from the box art and the detail is beyond amazing, I will have panda link some of his work for you all to see.
  • The most basic tools of a beginning modeler: Hobby Knife, Clippers, PATIENCE. Even a snap-together model can be made to look great if proper care is taken!
  • A way to easily make your very own sander: Remove the bristles from an old tool brush, gently clue on some wet sand-sandpaper and bam a professional quality tool. 400 grit+ sanding paper is recommended.
  • Some other important tools and materials: Sanding blocks, files, putty, pin vices, a Respirator, cement (Tamiya brand recommended), paints (acrylic and non).
  • A now for some important techniques, due to my lack of knowledge we will include this in the Powerpoint download later. They include: clipping from the sprue, Test fitting pieces, advice on joining pieces, some more advanced techniques are also covered.
  • When laying down Panel lines on your models use of a scribing set or a solid equivalent is essential (sometimes even dental tools are used!). Experiment to find out what you are capable of and what technique is within your means.
  • Do not let articulation and internal skeletons turn you away from attempting a specific project, following most of the guidelines above coupled with the all important PATIENCE and DETERMINATION will result in your eventual success. If you are planning to actually make use of the articulation frequently, be sure to use some quality paint, using the model as an action figure could easily result in heavy wear and tear of the detailing. Display cases are definitely something to look into.
  • USE A RESPIRATOR TO PAINT, no one’s life should be cut short in the pursuit of amazing Gundam paintjobs!!
  • Gundam SD models also seem to be a good starting point for getting into Gundam Models. Use of the provided stickers is not recommended if you want the best results however, painting looks much better I promise. No Gundam markers!

So I definitely has the chance to learn alot and I hope all you aspiring modelers out there did too. pandamajik knows his stuff folks, be sure to ask him questions here on the blog!

Link to the PDF of the presentation:

Colossalcon 2010 – Making Models

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