ColossalCon 2010 Live Blog – Spice and Wolf


The Spice and Wolf Panel features the english VAs of two of the show’s two main characters:  Nora and Lawrence. They will be discusing their experience working in the anime industry as well as answering specific Spice and Wolf Q&A.

A quick summary of the show: Lawrence Craft is a young but talented traveling merchant who happens to meet the wolf-goddess Holo, who is serving as the protector of the harvest in a town he is passing through. Plagued by loneliness as the villagers have begun to neglect her, she casts her lot with Lawrence, offering her skills as a “wise wolf” to help him in his travels and dealings. The first season of the show (the second has very recently been licensed and is scheduled for a fall release, Funimation) details their travels across a fictional medieval Europe, their growing and complex relationship, and a great many trials and tribulations ranging from prosecution by the church to utter bankruptcy.

descent’s take: Having watched the first season I could not recommend this anime any more. While it does not have the best dialogue or the strongest characters it is definitely a taste of “something new” and provides plenty of dramatic and emotional tension. The setting is unique and enjoyable and you will find yourself deeply caring about the characters by the end of the first season. (9/10)

  • Nora is voiced by one of the cons main guests, Leah Clark.
  • Lawrence Craft is voiced by on guest Michael Tatum.
  • Mike talks about how he wasn’t very interested originally in the Spice & Wolf project. While browsing the script before the audition he couldn’t really see any way that “medieval economics” could be interesting. Being a Mecha and SciFi fan he wasn’t very excited at the start.
  • They are emphasizing the way that SW’s (Spice & Wolf) subtleties of both conversation and emotion that truly make the show. I personally couldn’t agree more. While it is true that action is not the show’s main premise, it truly is the deep level of conversation and viewers feel a strong empathy for the plight of both Holo (the wolf-goddess) and Lawrence.
  • They are announcing the imminent release of the second season again, having actually purchased the first season this is very exciting news for me.
  • Mike and Nora mention that winning the audition usually involved reprising a character role “for the life of the series”. VAs are not expected to audition for second seasons and continuations. The only concern would be if the VAs employer loses out on the bid to license the second season, other companies are often not too accommodating to outsider voice actors.
  • Mike isn’t planning to visit the waterpark, haha. He also wasn’t born with any sensory nerve endings in his feet, a fact that I find very interesting.
  • This is quickly devolving into a bunch of weird jokes and filler hopefully some people will get back to content soon…
  • At a previous con Mike accidentally ditched his autograph line, he even walked by and waved to everyone thinking they were totally waiting for someone else. Even VAs make noobish mistakes people!
  • Gonna call this one a bit early guys, we’re telling personal stories and pee jokes now, but they put in an honest effort, can’t fault them.

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