ColossalCon 2010 Live Blog – Thursday Night



So we’re finally at the end of a tiring first evening here at Colossalcon 2010. It would be fair to say however that I am much more exhausted from spending 6+ hours traveling up from Kentucky than I am from a rather light evening here at the Con. Me and azuki have gotten situated in our room at the awesome Kalahari Resort and are planning on getting some rest before seriously kicking off the blog tomorrow. The easy first night did give us a chance to do all the food shopping we needed and get acquainted with the setup of this year’s convention. Unlike azuki I have never been up here to the Sandusky resort and I was pleasantly surprised by how nice a location this convention is hosted at and the room itself is very nice as well. I am much more hopeful now that we will survive despite the presence of about 12 people in this suite. The weather is pleasant and there has been plenty of water provided for everyone to remain hydrated.

After getting settled and eating dinner we did manage to make it to two events. The first of these, the Otaku Dating Game, served as a decent ice-breaking kick-off to the convention as a whole. Getting to watch several dozen awkward Otakus continuously interrupt a poorly-run knockoff of the Dating Game was rather amusing. The Bachlorette version was pretty blah, featuring 3 run of the mill contestants. The Bachelor contest however featuring a dominatrix and lesbian, so it was at least a little more colorful. Overall it could have used a lot more “anime flavor”. The night cap was a panel run by a few friends featuring 18+ caliber pictionary.  Lets just say that there is little else I can say about that…

Its probably evident that not much has happened yet but it was still a pretty promising start to a brand-new convention. Tomorrow will feature a plastic modeling panel hosted by our very own azuki panda and a Vocaloid Panel that I am more than psyched to see. There will be plenty of coverage throughout the day so be sure to drop by and contribute to the discussion as the day goes on.

Good night!

azuki panda

Well, descent covered most of it pretty well. I spent a lot of the time starting to get used to my Canon T2i trying to take a bunch of pictures. It’s relatively hard to take good indoor pictures when the lighting is not good, but it’s been a lot easier with the DSLR compared to a normal point and shoot.

The Otaku Dating Game panel was run by the same guys that ran the model building panel at Ohayocon sans the alcohol this time. It seemed very unorganized and a majority of the humor had to come from the participants themselves. The bachelor was a lot funnier than the first girl that participated. I believe he was going to school in Indiana? Actually one of the three girls that participated in the second half was a lesbian so it kind of put her out of the running for getting chosen by the bachelor. He was actually a lot more cultured, citing that he enjoyed Barry White type music and really got my respect.

Live Action iSketch started out with the rather mundane topic of animals and quickly got adult themed. We will try to keep this blog relatively PG so I will not go into detail about the rest.

Other than that I just spent the rest of the night trying to decide what events to go to tomorrow as well as preparing for my Plastic Model panel tomorrow at 6 PM.

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