ColossalCon 2010 Live Blog – Type-Moon and Some Thoughts


Well this hour has pretty much been an adventure so far. This was initially going to be a blog relating to the “Becoming a Magical Girl” panel but after about 10 minutes it was hardly evident what the heck was going on in there and I decided to call it. Stuck between choosing a nap, Fighting Games 101, and a panel on Type-Moon games and productions I had to choose the latter even though I didn’t know what to expect. Well, instead of discussing Fate/Stay and Tsukihime it looks like the panelists instead were planning to play Doujin fighters for the hour. Not necessarily a bad plan, unless you were hoping for some interesting discussion and a solid panel. Well I’ll be sure to post on anything I find interesting as I wait for the next hour but as for now here are some of my thoughts as we wait:

  • Kind of disappointed at the lack of any significant Angel Beats cosplay so far at this con. However it is admittedly still a little early despite its currently online popularity. I will have big expectations for Ohayocon, hopefully someone makes my day there.
  • All Touhou cosplays I have seen so far including Reimu, Yukari, and Flandre have all actually been cross-plays, although some were rather good indeed. I guess it speaks loudly for the fanbase composition but honestly how could a tsunami of girls THIS CUTE not be more popular.
  • I should note that I got to see some of my first Touhou live gameplay today as well, if you beat any of those games on anything beyond normal, RESPECT!
  • Was not very impressed with the dealer room selections on the first go around. If I could pick a phrase to describe the offerings I managed to see it would be “very average”. I came here with the strong intention of wanting to buy at least one thing, at a less than insane price, just to say that I did but things are looking doubtful at the moment.
  • Still just more fighting going on seemingly involving only 2 of the panelists so as you can tell this is a very interactive panel haha. As for our plans for the next couple of hours, either me or panda will be bringing you some coverage of the “Anime to the Big Screen” panel coming up in the next 20 minutes.
  • I will also try to blog or post-blog at least the Vocaloid panel that will begin at 10pm. However unless panda volunteers to do it I can’t promise prompt service. Being the Miku and Voca-freak that I am I will probably be too mesmerized to do anything else for a good two hours or so.
  • Managed to snag a few pictures of a great Renji cosplay earlier, will get those up later but congrats to the guy for his effort haha, I was very impressed.

Time to get set for the next blog, just scroll up and keep following us. Feel free to give us any feed back or suggestions!

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