ColossalCon 2010 Live Blog – Cosplay 101


It’s run by the girl who was doing the Osamu Tezuka panel (Cody) and is part of “Speed-Wagon” so I know it’s going to be good. She’s cosplaying as Nausicaa. The other panelist is Matt Romeo.

Find a character that you’re familiar with.


You don’t have to start out doing intricate math. You can start out with patterns. Her cosplay is made from three different patterns put together. Some good sites:

More often than not you can find sales on patterns since they usually run for around $10. It’s good to put them in a manila envelope and file them in a filing cabinet.


Don’t use satin- it’s very hard to work with. It burns easily, it frays, it stains easily, and it wrinkles easily. You also have to use stabilizers since it will shift around on your sewing machine. It’s not cheap and it’s difficult to work with. It’s not the answer.

Kona cotton is good for beginners. It’s easy to work with, doesn’t wrinkle that much, and is amazing. When working with military or more historic uniforms use twill. It’s about $6-7 a yard. Twill will also hold creases for pleated skirts. You can use “extreme starch.”

Buy the right thread. Use matching thread or else it will stick out like a sore thumb. A tip is to use slightly darker thread than the color of the fabric if you cannot match it perfectly.


Get a wig. Get a wig. Get a wig.

Cody told a story about having to pay $200 in hotel fees when a friend wanted to bleach and dye their hair for a cosplay.


Amphigory also has the same color extensions and also other accessories. Cosworx is run by the people who run and you should give them about a month to ship and get it to you.

Aquanet in the purple can will help for styling wigs. The other one is got2b glue. Aquanet is cheaper (a bit over $1).

Wear wig caps. It also helps keep your wigs in place. Pin it in place after putting it on.


Go to the local thrift store for some boots, shoes, etc. for really cheap that you can easily modify if needed.

Buy some comfy insoles at the local store if you’re going to be walking around all day. You can find amazing insoles and padding at places that sell stripper clothes.


Wear makeup. Mary Kay is your best friend.

Nobody has perfect skin, especially in photographs. Bare Minerals is a good mineral makeup. If you have some sort of allergic reaction stop using it immediately. If you’re not going to use the mineral route (it does get pricey) you can go liquid or powder. There’s a good Maybelline that’s good if you perspire a lot or if you have red areas. Concealer is good for covering the bags under your eyes. Use SuperStay Concealer by Maybelline. If you have a really red face get green concealer and put it on the red spots first before putting on the rest of your makeup. Another recommendation is using brushes to get everything even. Also get some blush and just get the apples of your cheeks so you don’t look super pale. Always use eyeshadow to make you pop out a bit more. Mascara is good since anime characters usually have really full eyes.

Don’t share makeup.

Take care of your skin all year round

Cover up your tattoos if you’re going to show that area of your body.

Don’t keep your makeup for too long. They have expiration dates. Don’t be a pack rat. Before applying makeup wash your face.


They can add that extra little bit to your cosplay. It can be a plus for judges when competing.

Don’t borrow your friend’s contacts!


Practice your poses in the mirror. You might look dumb but it’ll help a lot before people take lots of pictures of you and posts them online.

Makeup is also recommended since a lot of photographers use flash.

Always check out the photoshoots. Be yourself and have fun. It’s a good way for people to recognize your outfit or make some friends.

Set up a or American Cosplay account. Another good way to make friends or use the marketplace. It’s a very good place to get hints/tips/advice. I can personally attest to this last part.

When binding inhale first and then bind. This way it’s a lot more comfortable. Ace bandages are pretty easy to use.

Screen printing stuff is the best to use. Hand painting can be troublesome and time consuming.

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  1. really nice cosplay tutorial,it will be better if you got some pictures 🙂

    • Actually, it was a panel that was presented without pictures. As the title of the post suggests, it was a live blog of Colossalcon meaning that it was written as the panel was going on and published right after. I just started getting into cosplay myself and will be working on one or two new ones in the next few months so check back for some updates. I do have pictures that accompany my Strider cosplay work in progress posts.

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