ColossalCon 2010 Live Blog – Curse of Oyashiro


Now at the Higurashi “Curse of Oyashiro” Panel. Looks like this host and panel are a frequent flyer at East Coast cons so hopefully you will get a chance to catch it at a later date if you missed it.

-We are starting out with the “Punishment Game”, a quiz contest for the audience while two victims, errr “Team Captains” sit up front wearing collars. The losing captain likely won’t enjoy what is coming their way if they lose…hehehehe….but the winners get cute headbands. Higurashi arc trivia is the basis for the questions being asked.

-As for Higurashi cosplayers in the audience. I count two very good Renas, a nice Rika, a guy I think is Satoshi, and a Haanyu as well, nano desu~Yo!

-Lots of Higurashi “virgins” in the audience, fairly surprising.

-The host just described the show a “pretty f%$^ed up”.  You have to agree when you think about it, I mean the main plotline is basically: “Lolis and friends get murdered over and over again in mysterious ways till they figure out what the heck is going on.”

-We just discussed what I consider to be the very amazing hook that really gets people into the show, I know it did for me. At the start of the first episode we are introduced to the main character brutally murdering two of his female friends with a bat. The shocking and completely inexplicable imagery in those opening seconds are what left my jaw hanging and my brain thirsting for more.

-Higurashi has an interesting development pathway. It began as a mystery visual novel series, transitioned into a well-made anime, and eventually became the stuff of popular manga and doujin works as well.

-Ewwww, discussion of favorite moments, the candidates so far: Satoko being nailed to the cross, the fingernail (*puke*) machine, the Rika suicide (that was brave, intelligent, and one of my favorites),   Satoko’s murder in the hospital, Rika’s request for the method of her death from Takono, Shion’s fall death and sudden remembrance. Man of these bring back tons of memories, all of them about what makes this show great!

-Character discussion time:

  • Many people love Keichi’s forced cross-dressing after his Penalty games, lol poor guy.
  • Omochekairi!!! You gonna get taken home people!!
  • Lots of comments on Akasaka’s badassery, really did steal the show towards the end.
  • Now an evil “Higurashi” laugh contest, lol, my ears hurt.
  • Lots of back and forth debate on whether Haanyu was “useless” or just “deafetist” after so many centuries of trying. Personally I can’t really blame her despite my frustration with her character at time. Rika was always equally at fault in much of the suffering and even more so many truly unfair events had been conspiring against them for a long time.

-Plenty of Umineko fans here as well.

-Lolz now Haanyu is giving the audience some “Hau, Hau” service ftw. Almost as good as the original.

-Lol now for the crackpot theories: It was Osama! Rika is actually crazy and locked in an asylum dreaming away! Mion makes everyone trip out with shrooms! It was actually a TV show! Crackheads! Subliminal messages in the TV! Parasitic Alien Maggots! (kinda true….)

-Well this place is actually getting pretty rowdy and mixed up. I think I am going to call it here for the evening. Its been a long but tiring day. Glad I was able to share everything with people here on the blog.

Be sure to keep checking back for the big Colossalcon photodumps later in the week and plenty more posts as well. Thanks again and please leave any comments, questions, or suggestions here on the blog. Good night!

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