ColossalCon 2010 Live Blog – Dealer Room Thoughts, Photos, and some Wandering


I know my compatriot pandamajik has been hard at work blogging some fabulous panels, I can’t make the claim for myself yet as I have had a rather eclectic morning. Before I head off to “The Science Behind Anime” let me just mention a little bit of what I have managed to get to this morning:

  • Spent nearly an hour in the dealers room earlier. Let me say that I am usually biased against many of their largely over priced wares but I have actually managed to find some decent deals on things I like. I managed to find some decent quality mid-sized posters for 2/$5 which is pretty fair. There is also a stand selling a wide variety of nice pins for 3/$5.  Plenty of small models and chibi are around as well that are almost impossible to get without importing, definitely worth shopping around (WISELY!) tomorrow morning for some deals if there are any to be had.
  • While cleaning up my Vocaloid post this morning I casually got around to watching the first episode of Haibane Renmaei. Another series I have heard much about but haven’t seen. I am definitely planning to watch it now, looks very promising and mysterious.
  • Managed to take a couple of fun cosplay pictures this morning that we will put up later this week. Found a Cirno/Reimu pair, got some pics of a Marisa/Yukari bubble fight, and a couple of other fun ones. I will try to catch some more later today and I know Joe has been hard at work with his SICK camera taking lots of amazing pics.
  • Am currently at the Female Stereotypes in Anime panel. It looks like it turned into a conversational back and forth regarding social commonalities of anime fans and takes to female depictions. I have only managed to sit in for the final few minutes but it looks like everyone had lots of fun.

Now onto more panels!

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