ColossalCon 2010 Live Blog – descent’s Vocaloid Panel


First off, a big THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! to all my fellow ColossalCon9 attendees who helped make the improvised Vocaloid panel a success. If you happened to attend tonight you might recall the crazy, loud, and tired dude named Amir who tried his best to run an improvised panel from his laptop. Yes that happens be descent’s actual name and I was so glad to share the night with all the amazing people who were there. If you have been following the live blog today I am sure you were a tad annoyed by how much Miku/Vocaloid gushing I had interspersed throughout my posts. The panel was by far the most looked forward to event of the day for me and I’ve was almost heartbroken when it looked like it wasn’t going to happen.

I’ll be honest I am not a very bold person but when adversity stood in the way of other fans and I spending 2 hours celebrating Vocaloids and the wonderful music made by their very talented producers, I had to do SOMETHING. And so laptop in hand I took the chance to jump up to the front table and do my best to salvage the time block. I know it likely wasn’t the best run panel (a first and on the fly for me) but it was my utmost pleasure to help celebrate the joy of Vocaloid music with other fans. Being a rabid but newly minted Vocaloid fan I cannot put into words just how special it was for me to share my love for them with others in such a fantastic setting, thanks again to everyone who came by and requested, recommended, or contributed.

I will try to provide links to most everything we discussed and watched tomorrow morning but for now here is a quick list of what was covered. Yes, Vocaloids might not be for everyone, and every song might not be your favorite, but the best thing about the community is that as long as you are willing to try there is so much well made music out there you will always find something you like. So please use this as a starting point and continue to explore and discover the wonder of Vocaloids!

  • We watched a great many segments of the Miku Hatsune Giving Day Concert including some of her hit songs like: World is Mine, Electric Angel, Two-Faced Lovers, Disappearance of Hatsune Miku, the funny Yukkuri Shiteitte Ne!, and Melt (so adorable). I loved seeing so many people excited about the concert, it was how I was introduced to Vocaloids and I hope we will see more of them in the future. There was definitely a collective “wow” when Miku was first projected on the screen, same way I first felt when I saw it.
  • Luka and Rin were not neglected and we had a chance to watch Ms. Megurine perform Double Lariat (a more moe and awesome PV here) and Just be Friends, as well as a Magnet duet by her and Miku. We also got to see Rin perform two of her most famous works: Kokoro and Meltdown. A quick shoutout to the young Rin fans (and the one awesome cosplayer), you guys were awesome!
  • Wow Alice: Human Sacrifice was creepy, but seeing the way the artist used an entire Crypton Vocaloid chorus to make the song made it pretty impressive. If you are into horror or scary things in general Vocaloid producers definitely have plenty of that for you as well (hint: try this).
  • I gained some newfound respect for first generation Vocaloid Kaito tonight. I don’t often listen to his works but hearing his World is Mine (Kaito vers.) and then his Prince of Blue-Servant of Evil segment it definitely changed my mind a bit.
  • Space Shortcut Key proved to me that you can make an awesome Vocaloid music video with just about ANYTHING! Thanks to the cool young lady who shared it with us all.
  • I tried to give Len a little love and listen to Paradichlorobenzene but unfortunately there didn’t seem to be anyone all that into it. I don’t like the guy myself but at least some of his stuff is pretty good.
  • If you haven’t seen Kurotte, Odotte, Hatsune Miku, WATCH IT NOW, its awesome, many thanks to the kind fellow who showed it to all of us.
  • We got to hear an awesome Gumi dance mix, Megu Megu – Fire Endless Night, wow its catchy.
  • More to be added when I am not passing out from exhaustion…
  • The more:
  • Quick shout out to the young Rin cosplayer in I saw in the back with her friends. Your costume was awesome and loved seeing some younger people in the audience as well. Hurray to the young guy who asked for Rin’s Meltdown as well!
  • We all took the time to share many of our “How I got into Vocaloid” stories. Everyone’s path is pretty different but what is evident is that Vocaloids and their fans are here to stay. I know that the quality and variety of the music produced using the software will only find a larger audience in there future.
  • Sorry that I didn’t really play any UTAU works at the panel, I know we had some Teto fans in the audience. If I do this panel at Ohayocon I will make sure that I don’t neglect them. No Gakupoid as well lol but I can’t say I am very much of a fan haha, just don’t swing that way ahhhahah.
  • I loved that Bad Apple!! request as well, haha. Not many people seemed to know what Touhou is all about and it had NOTHING to do with Vocaloids but almost anyone can tell how awesome a video it is.

Thanks again to everyone for making this a special night for me and all the other fans young and old who came by the panel we had a fairly large and interactive crowd. Please feel free to contact me here on the site if you have any further questions on Vocaloids, producers, or software. Be sure to check out Vocaloidism and to learn more as well! There were plenty of questions about the Vocaloid programs and software, I recommend learning much more about how to use both Please have a good night and never stop experiencing the joy and wonder than amazing new Vocaloid songs continue to bring to the world! There is always something new to discover (like here: Vocaloid Wiki).

Look for some more Vocaloid related coverage from me later in the week.

Kurutto, Odotte, Hatsune Mik

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