ColossalCon 2010 Live Blog – History of Toonami


It’s a packed room just like last year.

6:15 PM

They finally have everything set up, running two computers from a hotel luggage cart.

6:16 PM

The original Toonami intro, even before TOM. It has the Thundercats, Sailor Moon, and the flying saucer as the mascot. From 1998

6:17 PM

Another Toonami intro. He just asked how many people were at the Toonami panel last year. Only a handful of people raised their hands so he said he would be able to show a bunch of the clips from last year. Looks like it might be close to a repeat of last year but you won’t hear me complaining.

6:18 PM

He prefers Moltar to TOM.

6:19 PM

Intro featuring Moltar. It’s got Sailor Moon, Super Friends, Dragonball Z, Johnny Quest. Still 1998.

6: 21 PM

He’s going to show all five daily intros. He turned them all into MP3s and listened to them in the morning.

6:24 PM

Sailor Moon, Thundercats (with a rape scene), Dragonball Z, Johnny Quest. 1999. Still with Moltar.

6:27 PM

There were specialized intros for each show.

First up is Sailor Moon. “The music was cool”

Reboot is next. It’s one of those shows that uses CG graphics like Beast Wars.

Thundercats HOOOOOO!

Some of the commercials back then were pretty funny. It’s a Lawrence of Arabia commercial for Got Milk.

Cartoon Network had a lot of funny commercials of their own, including one about Cow and Chicken about working nude if it’s tasteful.

6:30 PM

Dragonball Z intro. Lots of powering up.

At this point there’s even more people in the room. It’s standing room only.

6:31 PM

TOM is now on. Gundam 08th MS Team

Next is Batman Beyond

The Big O intro. To be honest it really confused me when I first watched it.

Blue Submarine No. 6. I remember watching this after school on a Friday afternoon.

Dragonball the original series. I remember watching this during dinnertime as often as I could. Great times.

Gundam Wing. Somehow I missed this entire show during its run.

He-Man. By the power of Greyskull!

.hack//SIGN Never got into this show that much. I think I was really annoyed by the main character’s voice.

Hamtaro. Great show. I loved watching this every afternoon after school. Kind of ashamed to ever talk about it with anyone else at the time.

Johnny Quest. The actual intro is cool enough that Toonami kept the actual intro instead of making their own.

Powerpuff Girls. Another show that I watched a lot of mostly because I really loved Mojo Jojo.

Robotech, which is the US version of Macross combined with two other shows.

Ronin Warriors.

Sailormoon. Watched it in China when I was a kid.

Transformers Armada. I remember when this came out and thinking it looked too good.

6:40 PM

Tenchi Muyo. Probably the first harem show I ever watched.

Voltron. Another show I watched as a kid. I actually have a hat in the basement at home.

Zoids. Pretty cool show and I really wanted to have the toys.

Outlaw Star. Loud applause from everyone.

Pilot Candidate.

Cardcaptor Sakura.

6:46 PM

Moltar speech about teamwork.

6:47 PM

They started incorporating their internet games.

Another Moltar speech about Hero.

6:50 PM

Requests for Yu Yu Hakusho. It’s a really good song and has a sweet intro.

6:52 PM

Character profiles. Gundam Wing – Duo Maxwell.

Loud requests for Kenshin. I used to listen to the soundtrack all the time. It’s the English version of the song “Freckles”. I’m more of a fan of the Japanese version. Note to self – look into cosplaying the kid from it.

6:55 PM

Midnight Run started around this time. Cowboy Bebop. One of the best intros EVER. It’s what got me back into anime in my teenage years.

6:57 PM

Showing some final clips.

6:59 PM

End of panel.

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