ColossalCon 2010 Live Blog – The Mecha Panel


It’s always interesting to walk around and talk to people about their cosplays.

Same guys who do all the mecha panels.

They just started the panel and start it off with a very suitable video – it’s from Super Robot Taisen (Wars), which includes mecha from just about every single notable mecha series. I actually played it for PSP and it was pretty fun although it was really tough to get that far since it was all in Japanese and I can’t read or understand Japanese. It’s been like a five minute video that comes from Super Robot Taisen Alpha.

Now it’s going to a Powerpoint format.

Super Robots

  • Usually the mech is the title of the show
  • Nearly impossible sizes and abilities
  • Monster of the week format
  • More black and white heroes and villains
  • Attacks usually yelled out with courage and guts
  • Examples: Mazinger Z, Getter Robo Gaogaigar, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Zambot 3, Combattler Vm Daitara 3

Real Robots

  • Realistic mechs that are scientific
  • Actually possible in this world
  • Weapons usually require ammo and reload
  • Require maintenance and can break down
  • Examples: Gundam, Macross, Dragonar, Patlabor, VOTOMS, Nadesico

A Cross Inbetween

  • Real robot and Super robot characteristics
  • Abilities are real robot design and power sources
  • Usually human VS human
  • Origin is more super robot, and have more super robot designs
  • Examples: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Aura Battler Dunbine, and King Gainer

Go Nagai

  • Born September 6, 1945
  • Creater of some of the most well known mechs in Japan
  • Also created many other series: Devilman Keko Kamen
  • Mazinger series
  • Getter Robo Series
  • Gaiking
  • Random fact is that he was a really crazy person who liked strange things (sexual included)

They’re showing the intro to Mazinger Z and there are definitely a few people in the audience singing along. At least a few people in the audience probably know even more about mecha stuff than the panelists.


  • Created by Go Nagai
  • Made in 1972
  • First mech series to have a pilot inside the suit
  • Spawned many movies and other mechs in the same universe
  • Has had several crossover with other Go Nagai series
  • One of the most well known animes in Japan

Yoshiyuki Tomino

  • Born November 5, 1941
  • Nicknamed “Kill em all” Tomino for the high death counts in his animes
  • Brought about the real robot genre of mecha
  • Some of his works include: Gundam, Space Runaway Ideon, and King Gainer

The panelist is telling a story about Yoshiyuki Tomino and how he got a really great picture of him once. Another time is that he did the monkey dance. Also they met him in Chicago a few years back when he was here for the release of the Zeta movies and they even made paper Turn A Gundam moustaches.

They’re now showing the intro to the original Mobile Suit Gundam. They say it’s a really cheesy opening but I really like it. Someone in the audience comments “did you notice the resemblance to the Hokey Pokey”?


  • Created in 1979
  • Brought about the real robot Genre
  • Created by Tomino
  • Over 20 works not including video games, novels, and movies
  • One of the most well known series in Japan
  • Gundam Wing caused a big trend of this in the US
  • Really popular with women during its original run

The Start

  • Tetsujin 28-go
  • The first manga to actually have a mech in it
  • Created in 1956
  • Also first anime to have a mech in it
  • Anime aired in 1963
  • Made to fight in WW2, when not finished in time, it is used to fight crime in Japan

Now switching to the decade format.


  • 1972: Mazinger Z
  • 1974: Great Mazinger, Getter Robo
  • 1975: Raideen, Jeog, Getter Robo G, Grendaizer
  • 1976: Combattler V, Gaiking
  • 1977: Voltes V, Zambot 3
  • 1978: Daimos, Daitarn 3
  • 1979: Gundam

They just showed the intro for Z Gundam. There’s a completely new cast and the only one that is back is Bright Noa.


  • 1980: Space runaway Ideon, Baldios
  • 1981: Golion, gold Lighton, Goshogun
  • 1982: Macross
  • 1984: Transformers, Voltron, God Mazinger
  • 1985: Dancougar, Zeta Gundam
  • 1986: Double Zeta Gundam
  • 1987: Dragonar
  • 1988: Gunbuster (highly recommended), Patlabor

One of the best – Macross: Do You Remember Love.

Char’s Counterattack is the first one to have CG in it.


  • 1990: Brave Exkaiser
  • 1991: Getter Robo Go
  • 1993: Might Gaine
  • 1994: G Gundam, Macross Plus
  • 1995: Gundam Wing, Macross 7
  • 1996: 08th MS team, Evangelion, Nadesico
  • 1997: King of Braves, Gaogaiger
  • 1998: Getter Robo Armageddon
  • 1999: Turn A Gundam, Cybuster, Big O, Zoids

Apparently in Macross Plus they did actual research at an US military base.

According to him Rei Ayanami single handedly launched the figure industry from only garage kits to such a large scale. Evangelion also made it more cool for adults. Even with all the obvious flaws, a lot of people can relate to Shinji when they are going through times of angst.

I’m going to head out now even though there’s only half an hour left. It’s getting a bit slower and most people are familiar with the titles that came out in the 2000’s.

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