ColossalCon 2010 Live Blog – The Science Behind Anime


  • The first topic being discussed is time dilation and the Universal Speed limit (aka nothing can go faster than the speed of light). Many props to these guys for trying there best to explain relativity without delving too much into mathematics. Very interesting that they used a Futurama clip to demonstrate it. The are now discussing E=mc^2, one of physics’ most important equations which proves the equivalence of Energy and mass and its relationship to velocity and acceleration. In short, as an object’s velocity increases due to the addition of energy its mass will gradually increase. Thus as the speed of an object approaches the speed of light its mass will increase to an extent that it would become almost impossible to accelerate the object any further. For example a ping-pong ball accelerated to near the speed of light (.999c) would weight something in the range of 2 tons.
  • They actually showed and explained the equation for time dialation and length deformation, a little over the head of the audience but both are essential and very relevant to building a true foundation towards understanding relativity.

OOOOPS somehow the rest of this got cut off it seems, sorry about that guys, but oh wells, it wasn’t too scientific after this part anyhow, but still a good panel!

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