ColossalCon 2010 Live Blog – Tornado?


About 20 minutes into the Whose Line is it Anime panel, the flashing lights of the fire alarm start flashing followed by the announcement for everyone to go to the nearest exit. Just earlier in the evening there were reports of tornadoes in the area and at least one or two people even suffered from panic attacks due to that news. When we got outside it started raining (perfect timing right?). They set up some music with a minivan and everyone crowded around. Some people were still in rave outfits, some in cosplay. Either way it was a shame that they got rained on. After about 5 minutes standing outside in the cold rain they inform us that they are trying to figure out what is going on but the con will be shutting down for the night. This comes as a huge blow since it’s only halfway into the rave.

I later hear that the fire alarm was pulled by an individual and was not due to an actual fire.

I go with some friends up to their room and hang out. Just before 4 AM we get a knock on the door from someone instructing us to evacuate from our rooms into the basement. They cram a few thousand people into the basement. I was only down there for 5-10 minutes before they told us we could go back to our rooms.

Well, that certainly makes for an interesting con experience.

We will be posting pictures and writing a summary soon.

EDIT 6/7/2010 @ 11:53 AM

Based on information from Sajin_Zero, security staff for ColossalCon

Ok, looks like a few of you are confused and annoyed, and thats very understandable. I will answer what I can.

Regarding the fire alarms, there was a glitch in the system due to the rapidly changing weather conditions. This apparently happened once during the winter as well. No one pulled a fire alarm.

Now for the big one, the tornado warning. Let me first say that we on con security were just as thrilled as everyone else at the con. We’re not exactly fans of evacuating so many people into a basement, but when it comes to things like that, we have no say. We were originally under the impression that should a warning occur, we would be guiding con-goers into the basement by ourselves. This turned out to be incorrect, but Kalahari staff did not let us know. Their security staff, who we’d been working with since the beginning of the con, were posted outside to watch for funnel clouds, leaving the Kalahari event staff in charge of evacuations. So people were being given directions by the Kalahari staff, getting to the basement, and receiving different instructions from us. We apologize for the confusion we caused.

Now I’ve heard a few things on this thread that are incorrect, as we’ve talked to those who were in charge of evacuations. First and foremost, those who were running and banging on doors and shouting, you are not on our Christmas list. This is a good way to create panic, and the Kalahari staff were very upset about it. I understand the urgency, I really do, but if panic starts it will only make things worse. Remaining calm is essential. If you were going around and calmly asking people to move to the basement, thank you for your assistance. You may not know it but the Kalahari staff have done this exact same thing 2-3 times already this year.

Overall, I think we can all agree it was a very interesting Saturday night, and let’s all just hope for a little nicer weather next year!

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