Cool Afternoon Tidbit: Noel Vermillion from BlazBlue

BlazBlue fans forgive me! I admit that I knew nothing about this excellent new era fighting game until last weekend when I first saw it in action at ColossalCon9. I had a chance to watch several matches, including some featuring our very own pandamajik putting forth a very valiant and impressive effort in his first time picking up this game while playing as long-reaching Hakumen and the unorthodox Arakune. I enjoyed the highly varied fighting styles of the featured characters, including the one above, Noel Vermillion. The first thing that popped into my head when watching her stylized dual pistol-wielding martial arts style was that it was seemingly inspired by the fictional “Gun kata” form first featured in the movie Equilibrium (hint: the movie is bad).  Well surely enough Noel’s own BlazBlue Wiki page makes direct reference to it.

Noel has a very intriguing and admittedly cool-looking fighting style and a pretty badass looking ultimate attack. The highlight of this post is the Youtube video feature below, posted by GunblazeAkira featuring a variety of pretty awesome combos performed by Noel during a multiple fights. The video is set to the song “The Dark Side of the Light” performed by Fayan which is also an insert tune from the anime Ga-Rei Zero (descent’s take: 9/10, great series, the first episode will leave you with you mouth hanging wide open at the end, watch it!), which makes it decidedly more awesome. Even as a person who doesn’t typically play these games it is hard not to appreciate this. Enjoy and share your own thoughts below or on the video’s comment page:

Learn more about the BlazBlue Series here, here, and especially here.

Heck, while we’re at it, how about one more video:

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  1. I totally want to get into this game. I started off playing Guilty Gear X on the PC and then moved on to the port of Guilty Gear XX. As a PC gamer I had a hard time getting used to playing Guilty Gear on any console, especially since my favorite character, Venom, required constant spamming of a button combination that I could not do with any degree of reliability.

    There is a BlazBlue PC port that will be coming out soon so I might play that for the time being since I don’t have a PS3 or Xbox360.

    I really liked the feel of BlazBlue and it is rightfully called the spiritual successor to the Guilty Gear franchise, seeing as how it’s made by the same studio (Arc System Works).

  2. Get yourself a stick or go home.

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