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I admit that I wasn’t all that high on the ColossalCon 2010 Dealers Room selection when I first went through it last Friday and I honestly still believe that the it really was rather subpar. However, this being my second-ever convention and my first after becoming a massive Vocaloid fan I was nevertheless determined to bring home at least a few things for myself and even a gift or two for some of my good friends. So Saturday morning with a bit more determination and a little luck I was able to find several small but exciting trinkets that definitely brought a smile to my face for a reasonable price and I was definitely a little more impressed with the dealers. Please follow me past the jump to see a small photo-diary of all my purchases and try your best to excuse the ultra-amateur photography courtesy of my lack of skill and half-broken camera (no snide remarks panda!).

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Now for the first of the two feature pieces, my absolute favorite, an adorable chibi-Miku Hatsune nendoroid. While not as detailed and quality as the Good Smile Company Version, I did get it for essentially 1/3 of the price and thus was satisfied nevertheless. It is functionally articulated but not as easy to move about as you might expect. Miku looks cheerful and cute in this chibi form and I was glad I was able to find it.

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I was very surprised that I was able to find one of these! Showcasing the power and reach of Vocaloid this is a nendoroid figure of Miku wearing her outfit from the sad but beautiful Saihate PV. It is truly wonderful that a Vocaloid song and costume from a simple Promotional Video would be made into an official figure. I purchased this one for $12 as well and am very happy with it!

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At two stands on the other side of the room I managed to find these delightful if yet simple pieces. This mousepad featuring a pretty and smiling Miku will stay wrapped until it helps me break in my new apartment in a few months. The buttons were on sale at 3/$5 at one of the booths in the middle row and I managed to snag three of my top 5 favorite Japan-originated characters of all time: Miku, Kagami Hiiragi from Lucky Stay, and Ulquiorra Schriffer from Bleach. Below is an awful, glare ruined picture of the three buttons up close, take a peek and laugh at my camera-fail:

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Here is the poster I only really bought to get the 2/$5 deal on posters at one of the booths against the back wall. It features Ichigo, Renji, Ikkaku, and many of the Goeti 13s most powerful Captains. I will gladly put this one up soon enough and I decided to use some of my Bleach manga to hold it open, just seemed like the right thing to do.

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Ah now here is the item I have mixed feelings about. As the only available Miku poster at the Con, and also available at a great price it was a must have but not really of the best quality. Miku’s outfit is pretty enough here but the artwork, facial work, and pose really aren’t the best. It has been hard enough to come by Vocaloid posters and I decided that I should pick up this one. What do you guys think about it?

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Blame me for ruining the surprise for my friends but here is another nendoroid I purchased as a gift. This is a chibi-Saber from the Fate/Stay Night Visual Novel/Anime universe. Pretty good quality and a nice collectible figure.

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Hau, Hau! Now it is time to ruin the surpise factor of ramenpoodle’s gift, a cute Hanyu schoolgirl figure based on the Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni mystery/horror Visual Novel/Anime/Manga series. Sorry I put it together for you myself ramen but I doubt you wanted to see the disembodied head of one of your favorite characters. Just looking for you, nano desu!

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Now this is something I WISHED I had bought but was actually purchased by a friend of mine. This is a very very cute Reimu Hakurei plush doll from the Touhou Bullet Hell shooter series. Was available at a great price as well. Amazing that a character from another somewhat lesser known fictional universe was available (not a knock on Touhou however, its awesome!).

Thats pretty much it and I have to say I’m very happy with the large number of purchases I made from a relatively moderate amount of cash. I definitely enjoyed my Saturday morning shopping and am very grateful for all the vendors selling Vocaloid merchandise. Lets end this post with a few more of my less than amazing but still cute pictures of my two awesome Miku figures. Sorry again for the quality, I’m very green lol.

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