Monday’s Vocaloid Pickups

Another week and some more Vocaloid recommendations from descent. I am still continuing my own big Vocaloid aspirations and have succeeded in downloading another 100 albums or so over the weekend that I will soon be adding and organizing into my Itunes library. Having finally amassed a truly huge collection of amazing works I will do my best to increase the frequency of these posts as well as start doing more specific features highlighting individual producers and Vocaloids. I have alot of great ideas to continue to expand this section and will also be posting my ideas for hosting several Vocaloid-related panels at Ohaycon 2011 here on the blog as well as on the Ohayocon forums, so be sure to check that out.

One final thing before we get to songs. I must credit user Yamada from over at for hosting the download files for the entire Chibi Miku-san doujin comic. If you haven’t yet heard of this doujin 4-koma it is produced by creator Minami over on the japanese image hosting site, PIVIX. The ultimate combination of cute and funny it features many official and fanmade Vocaloids living and interacting within the fictional “Vocalotown”. The plot is centered around the original character Chibi-miku which appears to be the younger sister of the “actual” Miku, known as Miku-nee in the series. Learn more about the series by reading the wiki. What is most awesome about the series is that scanlations are truly not needed as the plot can be almost entirely followed without the need to read Japanese. Let me say that you will soon come to enjoy and crave the way frustrated and foiled romance plays a hilarious role in the series. Pure cute awesomeness:

Here is the link to the entire collection with translator notes on Danbooru.

Follow this link to user Yamada’s MediaFire Account to Download the entire series (currently at 461 strips).

Now follow me after the jump to get to the music!

We will be doing a pair of classics or a new popular piece this week with provided English subs and they might be a little boring for experienced fans. Nevertheless please enjoy these pieces as they are some of my personal favorites.

Melancholic by Rin Kagamine, Producer: junkyP

Already my vote for the best Rin song of the year by far. This beautiful piece about unexpected romantic attachment features some of the best musical accompaniment you will find in a Vocaloid song. The PV itself is top notch and the lyrics are quite amazing (be sure to activate CC if you can’t see them). I for one usually don’t like Rin’s voice to much and while it is still childish here it simply works for this song and its always a joy to listen too.

Ai Kotoba (Love Words) by Miku Hatsune, Producer: Deco*27

As the title says Ai Kotoba, or “Love Words” is a song about thanksgiving and gratitude when it comes to love and relationships. Deco*27, who is officially my favorite Vocaloid producer, makes Miku sound great here and hits just the right tone with the upbeat but sometimes serious and meaningful lyrics. In case some people are wondering, when Miku references her “child” here she is most likely making reference to her inner-child or childish self, should have been in the translator notes I suppose. I doubt the most pure, innocent, and talented Vocaloid ever made would have any baby mama drama, do you?

Dancer in the Dark by Luka Megurine, Producer: fatmanP

Another famous Vocaloid producer is responsible for this awesome release which came about barely two weeks ago. Highlighting the abilities of Luka’s bilingual voicebanks and his own musical talents fatman has created another popular song that will likely continue to rise in popularity and likely have some form of animated story PV created for the apparently badass looking Luka we see in the current video. No subs are yet out for this new song but I will get them up soon and at least the English can be followed for the moment.

And that is all for your Monday folks, thanks for joining in again and please continue to read, watch, and contribute to our Vocaloid highlights! Let’s close this thread with a great Miku pic (from the Official “Unoffical” Vocaloid Illustrations Book), good night!

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