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Sorry for the Abscence

First off, apologies for the long downtime for the site. The downtime was caused by x10Hosting needing to migrate a lot of their servers due to issues with the backend not scaling well with the number of users. Again, we will be considering looking into paid hosting to make sure this type of problem does not happen (and to increase the speed of the site since we often experience slowdowns).

Second, I haven’t really been posting anything at all over the summer since Colossalcon. I will be going off to medical school in the fall but that does not mean I will no longer be with the site. I’ll still try to put aside a chunk of time to watch anime/read manga and maybe even go to a convention or two.

High School of the Dead Episode 1

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Here we go, the first episode of the personally long-awaited series. The art remains much the same with lots of risqué shots and simulated physics. The story remains pretty faithful to the opening chapter of the manga and the animation really does bring the story to life. Add on the proper music for a series such as this and overall we have a nice opening chapter to my beloved series.

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High School of the Dead

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This is a series that I have been following for a LONG time now. I came across it while digging around for REC scans and one of the groups (say hi to XLG) happened to do HSotD as well. The manga went on hiatus back in summer of 2009 out of the blue and just as suddenly came back when the anime was announced. So I have been pretty happy recently.

There’s nothing really that stands out about this anime, but I have grown to like the stereotyped characters. On one hand they’re surreal, and on the other they’re so realistic with their inner conflicts and concerns. The art is a bit on the fanservice side and the plot is pretty bare right now. Zombies are loose, and no one really knows why. One particular thing I wonder if the anime will copy from the manga that was very touching was the short backgrounds on the people that had important roles in the past act; it added a very real touch to a very harrowing experience.

I am looking forward towards the anime and see it’s take on the series. Here’s hoping for a good season, although this will probably be the only series I’ll be covering personally for this summer.

Vocaloid News and Ohayocon 2011 Vocaloid Panel Proposals!

Good evening everyone, I come to you first with the big news that absolutely made my night yesterday after I suffered through a showing of the terrible Avatar: The Last Airbender Movie (more on that tomorrow).  A huge thank you to for breaking the news (in English lol) of the SEGA announcement of the Miku Hatsune Giving Day Concert Blueray Release. Another big thanks to blogger/V-ism Writer DTKel for pointing me in the direction of the pre-order which I have already done, hopefully I can manage to receive on of the limited edition print run. Please give his Vocaloid blog some views, I know I will. I already loved the webcast but once I clicked on the NicoNicoDouga preview I realized that this release is going to be on a whole different level and I can’t wait to be the proud owner of it. Please do more concerts in the future! America too, kthx.

And now for some personal business, I finally completed the write-up of my Vocaloid Panel and Concert proposals for Ohayocon 2011 happening next January. After substitute hosting the Vocaloid panel at Colossalcon I’ve been wanting to start a project from the ground up and I hope that I will be able to do this for the upcoming convention. Whether or not you plan to be there I would love all you readers to check out my plans and give me some feedback. Any and all recommendation either here or on the message boards will be welcome as well.

Look for more from us tomorrow including some Vocaloid pickups and a crushing review of Avatar: T: tLA. We will also be starting are end of season reviews and start of summer 2010 previews very soon so be sure to stick with us!