High School of the Dead Episode 1

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Here we go, the first episode of the personally long-awaited series. The art remains much the same with lots of risqué shots and simulated physics. The story remains pretty faithful to the opening chapter of the manga and the animation really does bring the story to life. Add on the proper music for a series such as this and overall we have a nice opening chapter to my beloved series.

One theme that is very prevalent in this series is the relevance versus irrelevance in the brutal circumstances. To clarify, the significance of the characters does not always ensure their safety. As of now, the survival party has not yet been firmly established and will most likely change throughout. In that sense, while the characters maybe relevant in the given episode, they might not even survive the said episode. In this sense, it’s very realistic in that one moment as a zombie apocalypse survivor you’re the hero, the next moment of the next decision you make may very well tag you as a casualty. How the characters struggle in this vicious context is the driving point of the series and how well the anime conveys this atmosphere is what will convince me to keep watching it week to week.

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