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Visual Novel Review: Ever17 -the out of infinity-

This story is not an end yet.

Because only you are in the infinity loop.

As I made my way through the labyrinth that is Ever17, I was constantly haunted by these words. They are the words you see at every route’s end, whether the end be good, bad, or neutral. And to tell you the truth, they really don’t make much sense when you first see them. After all, no matter which route you pick as your first, you will never be expecting to learn that you, as the reader of this novel, have become as trapped in this world as the six main characters.

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Out of the Box: Exit Tunes Presents Vocaloanthems ft. Hatsune Miku

Good evening everyone! Tonight I’ll be bringing you guys a quick review of the unboxing of my most recent Vocaloid collectible. This might or might not be the start of a new type of article here on the blog so feel free to give some feedback if things like un-boxings, figure reviews, collectibles continue to interest you.

Yesterday I received my official first edition of Exit Tunes latest and highly anticipated Vocaloid Album release: “Exit Tunes Presents Vocaloanthems ft. Hatsune Miku. For those who are unaware, Exit Tunes is a Japanese record label which has released a several Vocaloid collaboration albums so far including the well known Supernova series. Their compilation album “Exit Tunes Presents Vocalogenesis” was the first Vocaloid album to have the distinction of topping the Japanese Oricon Sales Charts back in May. It is important to note that Exit Tunes is not the producer of any of the music found in the album. Given the very diverse nature of top Vocaloid songs and the plethora of producers who create them it is often necessary for labels like Exit Tunes to compile them into these type of albums for better sales success.  Its also fair to say that the title is also bit misleading, as not only does it feature the world’s most famous virtual diva, Miku Hatsune, but it also includes songs featuring the voices of Kaito, Ren Kagamine, Len Kagamine, Meiko, and even upgraded UTAU program Teto Kasane.

Follow me after the jump for some photos of the item, a look at the goodies that came with the 1st edition, and a review of the tracklist.

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Fall 2010 At a Glance: Shinryaku! Ika Musume


Time to clean things up a bit after yesterday’s review and make the big jump over the pure and innocent side of the scale. Today’s Fall 2010 Review will focus on “Shinryaku! Ika Musume (Invasion! Squid Girl), Diomedea‘s new comedy series with some rather goofy “aquatic” themes. At the time of writing we are two episodes into the series so be sure to check out this review and get to watching if it interests you!

Brief Summary: Attempting to retaliate for the reckless pollution of the world’s oceans, Ika Musume (Squid Girl) launches an all out invasion of Japanese coastline, attempting to establish a foothold on her path to world domination. Sadly after one damaged wall and a gaggle of irritated cafe patrons, our heroine’s invasion seems to hit a bit of a lull. Entirely unprepared for what awaits her on the surface world soon finds herself in the care and unintentional employ of the Aizawa siblings, who run the Lemon Cafe on the beach. What follows is a series of hilarious misadventures as Ika Musume begins to explore and experience life of the surface with the help of her new found friends (subjects? enemies?).

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Mid-Week Vocaloid Pickups

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Man it still is good to be back. So very happy that I did get a few views for my return post, thank you all very much for reading! While I continue to be decently active over at, its been quite awhile since we have had some Vocaloid goodness here on the blog. Now that we’re back and active I will try my best to bring you some awesome Vocaloid recommendations every week, along with pertinent news, any announcements about my Ohayocon Forums (which were approved), and my slow progress on becoming a Vocaloid Musician.

This week’s recommendations after the jump:

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I’m back too!

What’s up, guys. It’s ramenpoodle, back from the dead. While I’ve been gone, I’ve been trying out all sorts of new anime and visual novels to show to you guys, so stay tuned! Look forward to a review of Ever17 and and an Xbox 360 shmup called Deathsmiles. Maybe also some fall impressions and some new Buried Gems. If I feel like it. After all, i-it’s not like I’m doing this for your benefit or anything, baka!

Fall 2010 At a Glance: Yosuga no Sora


Starting tonight I will be bringing back the Anime Insights “At a Glance” Series as we attempt to go through the Fall 2010 Anime Lineup and discuss our early opinions of this season’s titles. I decided it might be wise to come back with a little “flare” so lets kick this off with one of the season’s edgier and yet most stereotypical titles: Yosuga no Sora.

Before going any further lets make it clear that Yosuga no Sora is not a PG-13 anime, in fact with some slight nudity and much suggestive content it is definitely in the upper bounds of the rated R category. If that kind of thing or one of Yosuga’s main premises: implied and realized incestuous relationships, is too much for you to handle I would recommend avoiding the series. Another in a long line of anime-adapted VNs and eroges, Yosuga no Sora, definitely pushes the boundaries of what is commonly seen in mainstream anime while yet in many ways proving to be yet another run-of-the-mill Harem show.

The basic premise: Following the death of their parents in an accident (stereotypes begin here), newly-orphaned twins Haruka and Sora Kazugano decide to move into the house of their late grandfather in the small, tranquil village of Okukozome-chou. From the outset it appears that the twins have drastically different outlooks on their new life. Haruka (Haru) seems to look forward to the opportunity to reconnect with the past, rekindling the friendships and memories of yesteryear. His sickly and fragile sister Sora however seems much more stricken by past events, exhibiting a shy and isolated personality while clinging selfishly to her brother. As the twins settle into their new environment and attend their new school, a whole host of new relationships and potential romance awaits them. Not to be forgotten however is the mysterious reason for which they first decided to return to the town, and the long-lost item which they are searching for…

descent’s take after the jump…

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…..and we’re back, I hope.

So yeah much like pandamajik said before me, life really hasn’t been kind with regards to our continued Anime blogging but hopefully that will start to change (at least for me). Starting today I am going to do my best to get involved here once more and start to bring back as much Anime, Manga, and Vocaloid content as I can. We are about 2-3 weeks into the Fall Anime Season, which pretty much is the perfect time to get started with doing reviews. Plenty of Vocaloid news has also occured in my absence, including the acceptance of my Ohayocon Panels, and I hope to discuss all of that as well. So once again, please forgive the length absence and be sure to keep an eye on us again!