Mid-Week Vocaloid Pickups

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Man it still is good to be back. So very happy that I did get a few views for my return post, thank you all very much for reading! While I continue to be decently active over at Vocaloidism.com, its been quite awhile since we have had some Vocaloid goodness here on the blog. Now that we’re back and active I will try my best to bring you some awesome Vocaloid recommendations every week, along with pertinent news, any announcements about my Ohayocon Forums (which were approved), and my slow progress on becoming a Vocaloid Musician.

This week’s recommendations after the jump:

Kimi Ijou, Boku Miman (More than you, Less than Me), Artist: Deco*27, Vocaloid: Miku Hatsune

If you read my blogging its hard to miss my absolute adoration for everything Deco*27 does. A young and very successful Vocaloid producer, he has written some of the most adorable love songs you’ll fine. Kimi Ijou is just another great example of a playful, idealistic love song, where everything is just so perfect, you can help but smile.

My Room Disco Night, Artist: EasyPop aka BETTI, Vocaloid(s): Miku Hatsune, GUMI, Luka Megurine

If there is such a thing as a smash hit Vocaloid collaboration, this is it. Easypop/BETTI is an amazing artist and if you like chill dance beats they are definitely someone you want to check out. Enjoy this amazing trio about three girls who just want to get down.

Floriography -Forget Me Not-, Artist: Shigotoshite-P, Vocaloid: Meiko

While this song did break into the Top 30 2 months ago, I was very disappointed in the short time which it stayed.  Perhaps it had something to do with the sad and emotional theme of the song. However this is BY FAR the best voicework done with Meiko this year and also includes some amazing Japanese-traditional background music and excellent chorus/harmonization work. Much credit to Shigotoshite-P for keeping Meiko viable and showing off her potential as well as his own.

Once again, thanks for reading! Please continue to explore and enjoy the world of Vocaloids!

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